Gyrocopter. jack. You must craft the Gyrocopter Frame to attach it.

make it faster < > Showing 1-9 of 9 comments . all that work just for a heli that is slow as crap. I tried approaching the gyrocopter in different angles while holding a jerry can too, in case I need to fuel it but can't figure it out Sub for Stranded Deep on console since the PC version is somewhat different and been out for years. Stranded Deep.

I've got the gyrocopter, I know the basic movement controls for the game controls the direction of the gyrocopter. It seems quite slow, slower than the raft motor even, and it burns crazy amounts of fuel. Does anyone actually use the Gyrocopter for anything? Sub for Stranded Deep on console since the PC version is somewhat different and been out for years.

I have make a Gyrocopter and when i start it up and i notice the gyrocopter start to fly straight up in the air by him self. 5. Console Bug. wtf man that thing sucks ♥♥♥. This can be used to make items such as the Gyrocopter Frame, the Gyrocopter Seat, and the Gyrocopter Rotors. It always seems to go higher no matter what I do. Update: finished the game after killing the 3 bosses and flying away. It just doesn't seem particularly useful at this point. User account menu.
Where to find more gyrocopter parts in the end game experimental build? Be nice. Chaophim. Also it has no storage (compared to a raft equipped with crates). Press J to jump to the feed. worthless. I don't het that tho, I get: 'Hold E to start Engine' And the engine doesn't start. je le test ça tourne mal...Explication Stranded Deep est un jeu vidéo indépendant de survie et d'aventure. Der Gyrocopter oder auch Tragschrauber ist ein Luftfahrzeug in Stranded Deep, welches mit dem Update auf Version 0.37.00 (E1) ins Spiel integriert wurde. cool guy.

Advice on how to control the going up and going down would be greatly appreciated! 3. Put tips, ask for help and guidance or just general stuff relating only to the game. Le gyrocoptère et oui ENFIN !! J'ai tous ce qu'il faut pour le construire mais impossible de montez les parties que …

When i press left control then i fly down and when i release it then it start to fly up in the air by him self again so how do i do to make it stay steady in the air ?
Does anyone know why this is? You must craft the Gyrocopter Frame to attach it. The Gyrocopter Seat is a vehicle part in Stranded Deep. Be nice. I saw in a youtube vid a guy clicking 'Hold E to interact' as he was hovering the mouse cursor over the gyrocopter, and that worked. Put tips, ask for help and guidance or just general stuff relating only to the game. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Stranded Deep > General Discussions > Topic Details. Seems like I need 3 to actually build the gyrocopter. User account menu. Posted by 1 month ago. It can be crafted using one Gyrocopter Part. I have been using the Gyrocopter on my raft, flying it, and dragging it. So I've been playing stranded deep for a while now and recently got the Gyrocopter, I've noticed a few quirks, but for some reason the compass on the gyrocopter is off by a large amount (when my compass reads 0 degrees, the compass on the Gyrocopter reads 167 degrees). Gyrocopter. Mit dem Update auf Version 0.42.00 wurden Gyrocopter-Teile als Missionsbelohnung entfernt und werden nun als Beute in Behältern der Spielwelt… Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts .

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