St. George ‘Saint’ Schwing, 21, a New Iberia native and the son of Armond and Jennifer Schwing, shoulders a load of recently shot sandhill cranes while hunting Dec. 29-30 near Lubbock, Texas. Sandhill Cranes are notably referred to as the "ribeye in the sky".

Despite their size and crane exterior, the Sandhill offer a wonderful table fare. Zone B encompasses North and a section of central to middle Texas all the way down to San Antonio and is made up of 63 Texas Counties. This full day of wing-shooting includes a morning goose hunt that ends at 11:00 am or when limits are reached. For phone and online orders, a transaction receipt will be issued in lieu of a permit. Waterfowl Combo Hunts | For more information call 713-855-1015 Our morning Goose and evening Sandhill Crane combo is the best way to make the most out of your time in Lubbock!
Western Oklahoma is virtually an untapped gold mine for hunting Sandhill Crane. A free Federal Sandhill Crane Hunting Permit is required to hunt sandhill … West Texas Guided Sandhill Crane Hunts. Located in Lubbock Tx and surrounding areas.

Sandhill Crane Hunts. Western Oklahoma is a prime hunting area for migrating Sandhill Cranes. Crane limits are 3 per person. Located in Lubbock Tx, we specialize in corporate hunts, offering a hunting experience you won't soon forget.
A website devoted to Guided Sandhill Crane and Duck Hunting in North West Texas. We specialize in: Texas Pheasant hunting, Texas Goose Hunting, Texas Deer Hunting, Texas Duck Hunting, Texas Turkey Hunting, Texas Quail Hunting, Sand Hill Crane Hunting, Texas Dove hunting, Texas Dove Leases, Predator Hunting, and Texas Hog Hunting.

Longneck Outfitters offers some of the best guided sandhill crane hunting in the nation. Sandhill Crane Hunting. TEXAS PANHANDLE WATERFOWL HUNT - $325/GUN/DAY CCO provides the blinds, decoys, dogs, and expertise to make your hunt a success. We switch our focus in the fall to the massive migration of waterfowl that begins to arrive in the Texas panhandle. Located in Lubbock Tx, we specialize in corporate hunts, offering a hunting experience you won't soon forget. If you are a hunter that appreciates experienced guides, and the world’s finest completely life-like decoys then you will love this group as we go after the crane bird. The Sandhill Crane averages a wingspan of 4-7 feet and can reach weights up to 18 pounds. The Texas Panhandle is a major wintering area for these birds with it's extensive crop land that allows the birds to reside comfortably throughout the season.

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