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McCabe and Mrs. Miller reacts against genre while simultaneously adding to it. McCabe & Mrs. Miller is pure existentialism in western form. Conservatives hated what they saw, John Wayne for example despising it, but time has validated the film to be 100% authentically American, as great in its own way and every bit as ‘American’ as the … McCabe & Mrs. Miller sounds today like a dream project — both Warren Beatty and Julie Christie wanted to work with him. Což není případ McCabe & Mrs. Miller, kde můžeme mluvit o opozici vůči klasickému westernu (první osa) a přitakávání či vycházení z deziluze 70. let.

Robert Altman’s 1971 film McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a western quite unlike any other. It’s 1902. It watches as its two titular protagonists gradually establish themselves only to just as gradually disappear under a pile of blood-spattered snow and in a cloud of opium smoke. It has in fact been described as an anti-western. They certainly made something different, a wispy opium dream of a movie, with Vilmos Zsigmond’s artsy widescreen cinematography zooming to and fro, and Leonard Cohen’s dreamy ballads on the soundtrack. Robert Altman talks McCabe and Mrs. Miller on The Dick Cavett Show (1971) - Duration: 11:50. Everything fades away. McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) is almost entirely about money. Josip Đolo 9,431 views Mrs. Miller (Julie Christie) arrives in town and wants to become his partner.She is a Cockney who has long since ceased to be interested in her own beauty, except for what it will earn her. McCabe & Mrs. Miller script supervisor Joan Tewkesbury and actor René Auberjonois discuss Beatty and Christie’s on-screen magnetism and their working methods on set. Gone are the heroic, alpha-male and defenseless female archetypes, the numerous and gratuitous gunfights and the proud American spirit.

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