Destoroyah then turned around and wrapped his tail around Bagan’s horn, conducting energy into the dragon. Wiz: Like Destoroyah, the Doomsday of Godzilla. Godzilla 2014 monsters. As a moan echoed from Bagan’s jaws, Destoroyah sent Bagan soaring through the air with its tail. who will winbagan destoroyah Loading editor. Destoroyah, the Mutated Oxygen Destroyer and Bagan, the Juggernaut that nearly ended Godzilla? Save changes Preview Cancel. 12:26, October 17, 2014. Quote More History; Done. Forum > Monster Discussions board > destoroyah vs bagan Follow. Boomstick: And Bagan… Interlude . Bagan did his best to stand, but Destoroyah’s assaulted him with Micro-Oxygen beams. Boomstick: Monsters...Kaiju, the thing we all know and love...except the actual...monstrous ones. 0 Kudos ... Gojipedia is … The explosions forced the dragon to remain down. 0 Kudos destoroyah vs bagan.

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