The Fundamentals of Creative Leadership — a 2-day* Intensive Workshop for Leaders of Creative Disciplines
The Fundamentals of Creative Leadership is a 2-day intensive that focuses on the emotional, social, and relationship skills fundamental to successful creative leadership.

Whether you manage or play a leadership role in a UX team, a user research team, a content team, or a multi-disciplinary product team, the intent of these workshops is to help you build core creative-specific leadership practices. With these practices you can develop collaborative, creative environments where teams do their most effective work together.

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The Program

This 2-day* intensive is more than just a sit-and-listen classroom experience. The trick with leadership is that, well, it’s a practice. It’s something you learn by doing, by experiencing, by trying, experimenting and failing — then trying again.

Our training, based on our Eight Practices of Creative Leadership, is designed to help you develop your leadership practice, set your creative compass and develop a set of tools to help you respond, reflect, and re-frame the situations you face.

The Eight Practices of Creative Leadership
The Eight Practices of Creative Leadership


The pre-work is designed to help you gain clarity on your leadership practice — where you are now and where you need to go.In the pre-work you’ll:

  • learn about the eight practices of creative leadership practice
  • identify your blindspots
  • set an intention for the training
  • clarify your biggest leadership challenge
  • develop your own personal leadership vision
  • uncover your top values
  • set objectives to bring your personal vision to life

DAY 1: Inner Leadership

In Day 1, we put the spotlight on you — it’s a chance to deepen your self-awareness and examine the way you impact others.

In Day 1 you’ll:

  • develop your own definition of Creative Leadership
  • learn to select the most effective leadership position for any situation
  • describe the nature and sources of emotional contagion (both positive and negative) blocking creative collaboration
  • choose an intentional approach to help your team achieve a desired creative outcome

Day 2: Relationship Building

In Day 2, we’ll focus on how to establish creative relationships — relationships that make work together.

In Day 2 you’ll:

  • learn how to build alignment
  • work more effectively with conflict
  • empathize with partner disciplines
  • create an action plan to foster more effective collaborative relationships

Resources and Experiments

Between and after sessions, you’ll experiment with what you’ve learned and evaluate your progress.

Creative Leadership is a practice — and that’s what you get to do. Practice! Experiment! Fail! Recover! Just trying things out is one of the best ways to see what works and what doesn’t.

We also provide resources — both a site where you can re-visit what you’ve learned and a library for ongoing learning.

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Get Lasting Results for Your Team

Team Building That Works

Teams who do our training together have reported:

  • More effective vision and strategy development;
  • Increased alignment and ability to navigate conflict;
  • A deeper understanding of the needs, expectations and unique skills possessed by each discipline and member of the team;
  • Reduced infighting, back-room conversations, and petty disputes;
  • Increased trust, accountability, and commitment to each other;
  • Renewed energy and interest in their work;
  • Greater understanding of partner disciplines and an ability to plan work strategically with them;

Life-Changing, Work-Changing Skills

Individuals in our trainings experience:

  • Increased clarity of vision, strategy and standards for creative success
  • Optimism, hope, and creative renewal
  • A greater ability to bring out the best in diverse partner disciplines
  • Confidence to choose the most effective collaborative leadership approach for any given situation
  • Deeper self-awareness and self-management
  • An expanded leadership toolkit
  • Increased ability to work honestly, collaboratively, and with commitment in all creative endeavors
  • Increased resilience

Radically Human demystifies the creative process and brings humanity to management and leadership. I learned to approach my team with a greater compassion, creativity, and a focus on the big picture.More than that — thanks to Sarah and Radically Human I found myself more in love with what I do than ever, and have gone on to take bigger risks with much greater rewards.”

Tricia Choi, Creative Director, Eventbrite


We’ll be straight. We are not the cheapest workshops on the block, but we achieve great results — results that stick.

Our training:

  • Gets long-term results.
  • Works on foundational issues. We don’t bandaid symptoms.
  • Is small and personalized. Trainings never have more than 12 people.
  • Is not canned. We customize the content based on what the group and individuals need.

For teams, the average cost is $20k for up to 12 participants. For larger or groups, please contact us to talk about your needs.

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