Build critical skills needed to lead collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams more effectively.
At its heart, Creative Leadership is an ability to create an environment where 1+1=3 — where what comes out of the group is greater than the sum of its parts.
Whether for you or for your team, Radically Human provides immersive, experiential, energizing workshops in the practices most vital to making great, innovative work happen.

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Our Approach to Creative Leadership

What makes a great Creative Leader? At its heart, creative leadership is an ability to create an environment where 1+1=3 — where what comes out of the group is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our leadership framework — The Eight Practices of Creative Leadership — was developed based in on-going research into highly-functioning creative teams, our experience as leaders of creative disciplines, and our experience with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs in small startups.

The Eight Practices of Creative Leadership The Eight Practices of Creative Leadership


At the heart of everything you do is the first practice — Inner Leadership. Leadership starts from within and is only granted by others when it is possessed within. You don’t get leadership from an org chart.


A leader needs to have a powerful vision and be able to translate that vision into strategy. A vision is a compelling picture of the future and a strategy maps how you will bring that vision to life.


Relationships are the graduate school of life — and creative relationships are no different. The Practice of Relationship Building focuses on doing great work together — even in the face of conflict.


People are at the heart of what you do, and you rely on them to do great work. How do you find, inspire, and help them grow to deliver great work?


Navigating the emotional waters of change is a critical leadership practice. In creative leadership, even more so. Creativity brings change – and you need to be able to lead people gracefully through that change and be resilient in the face of it.


To create something new, you need to be able to understand how creativity works and have a toolbox at your disposal to help people uncover, evaluate, and deliver on ideas.


How do you recognize and uphold good — or great, or innovative work — even in the washing machine of corporate life? As a Creative Leader you need to have a strong sense of Craft — even if you aren’t doing it yourself anymore — and uphold those standards.


Creative Leadership isn’t a theory — it’s a practical, applied art. You and your team have to deliver — results, experiments, outcomes. Delivery ensures that your team produces measurable, effective results.

Fun and Energizing — with Effective Results

Training is a word that brings to mind the dry, cookie-cutter “delivery’ of training “material.” For us, training should be a fun, energizing experience where you get experiment, explore, and transform — and that’s what you get in our workshops. From storytelling to mural making, movement to the creative use of metaphor, participants get to explore concepts on multiple levels and practice what they’ve are learning on the spot.

Radically Human’s workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn creative leadership skills from the best. The vision, values, and alignment work Sarah and Radically Human did with our leadership team is absolutely foundational to the ongoing success of the UX organization.

Aaron Nather, VP Digital Media Group, DirecTV

Participants in our workshops typically experience:

  • Increased clarity of vision, strategy and standards for creative success
  • Optimism, hope, and creative renewal
  • A greater ability to bring out the best in diverse partner disciplines
  • Confidence to choose the most effective collaborative leadership approach for any given situation
  • Deeper self-awareness and self-management
  • An expanded leadership toolkit
  • Increased ability to work honestly, collaboratively, and with commitment in all creative endeavors
  • Increased resilience



A 2-day intensive focuses on the emotional, social, and relationship fundamentals of leadership. Participants will be introduced to the Eight Creative Leadership practices and gain experience with the Inner Leadership and Relationship Building practices they need to build and lead collaborative environments.

Excellent for all levels of creative leadership experience.

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The Radical Visionary focuses on the practices of the intersection of Vision and Strategy Development and Inner Leadership in articulating and bringing a vision to life. In this 2-day immersion, participants develop a compelling vision of the future and create a plan to bring it to life.

Best for leaders with a need (and a burning desire) to create a big vision. At least 2 years experience leading a team, product, or initiative helpful.

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In the Well-Designed Team, leaders learn the ingredients that make multi-disciplinary product teams work. This is not a course that teaches you to manage a large, hierarchical team. Rather, it teaches leaders to put together and nurture a self-organizing, self-managing creative environment through team agreements, alignment building, conflict navigation, role clarification, results measurement and vision development.

Good for either leaders of product or project teams. Best for whole teams to do together. (Minimum 6).

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The constant change experienced in organizations today requires leaders have both an ability to lead change gracefully and navigate it personally, with resilience. In this 1-day workshop, we explore the emotional experience of change, gain clarity on the change you and your organization are facing, and put together a plan to help you and your team navigate the change with grace.

Great for teams who have experienced a lot of change recently or anticipate going through change in the near future.

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