What We Offer

We provide team development and coaching, leadership development, and strategic offsite facilitation for the creative disciplines.


Creative-specific Leadership Development

Develop critical skills to lead collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams effectively.

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Sample Engagement:

Rapidly Growing Organization

Building strategic thinking, communication skills, and team dynamics understanding through training with 15+ person team and individual leadership coaching with UX team’s current and future leadership. Activities includes: training in communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution capabilities. Building cross-discipline empathy.
Duration: 1+ years (ongoing)


Team Development & Coaching

Get your team — leadership, project, working group or community of practice — operating like a well-oiled machine.

Sample Engagement:

Major Merger

Worked with UX team in major merger. Worked with leadership in direction development and organization structure. Conducted trainings in vision development, skills building (visioning, research, idea generation, internal positioning). Planned field trips with team to observe customers in-context, teaching observation, analysis, and synthesis techniques.
Duration: 1 year

Quick Team Identity & Change Navigation Coaching

Worked with newly formed team to help them orient towards the future, increase positivity (in the face of significant change), establish shared vision and values, and align them towards ways of developing that vision.
Duration: 2 months


Strategic Offsite Facilitation

Energizing events, custom-designed to help your team navigate change, re-focus vision, build alignment, and strengthen relationships.

Sample Engagement:

Future Product Visioning

Bring together cross-disciplinary team and align them around articulating a future vision for products and services. Established plan for moving forward including both a vision for the product and a strategy for gaining company buy-in.
Duration: 4 months (ongoing)