Why do termites swarm? The three (3) types of termites we see in our service area include: (1) Dry Wood Termites, (2) Formosan Termites and (3) the most damaging Subterranean Termites. Florida's Termite Season: When Do Termites Swarm? Termites cause $5 billion a year in damage to structures across America, so it’s important to be aware of them and know how to find and fight them. It's Termite Season. Termites are active throughout the entire year but are most often seen by homeowners during the spring when termites begin to swarm.

The three (3) types of termites we see in our service area include: (1) Dry Wood Termites, (2) Formosan Termites and (3) the most damaging Subterranean Termites. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for some), Florida benefits from good weather from January to December. To give you an idea of when termite season occurs, here is a quick rundown of when you’re most likely to see termites: Eastern subterranean — October to February Florida’s termite swarming season is once again upon us. We’re all dealing with a level of uncertainty facing the effects of the coronavirus here in Volusia County Florida, but one thing we can be sure of is we’re in the middle of termite season, which occurs every year between March and April as the temperatures start heating up and these conditions cause termites to swarm. Watch Out for Termite Swarms.

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last in Florida? Environmental science actually considers them a beneficial creature (if you can believe that!) That said, it’s important to receive regular inspections to …

on April 18, 2016. by Steve Lum (Last Updated On: April 19, 2016) The humble termite is actually a pretty amazing little powerhouse if you consider it objectively. They thrive in warm, moist environments (if that isn’t a typical Louisiana summer, we don’t know what is). They are similar in their biology … Another invasive termite problem in Florida is the Formosan subterranean termite. For parts of the country, the spring season marks the beginning of warmer weather, blooming flowers and termites. Although all termite species in Florida reproduce and form nests in the same way, they each choose a different time to swarm. The sheer scope of what termites can do is kind of incredible. In Florida, where temperatures are warmer year round, termites can breed and infest homes earlier in the year, oftentimes before the official first day of spring. Swarms of the destructive insects are most noticeable in springtime You might see them in the evenings, moving beneath street lights and porch lamps like speckled clouds. Their sheer numbers make them a danger as an invasive pest. Of course, given that it’s Florida we’re talking about, warm weather can be quite sporadic throughout the year which means an infestation may occur at any time. In colder climates, termite season (when they’re most active) might last for 4-6 months in the spring and summer months. Different types of termite treatment last for varying amounts of time. While native subterranean termite nests have members in the hundreds of thousands, Formosan subterranean termite nests can have nests in the millions. Formosan subterranean termite nests are much larger than that of a native subterranean termite. In South Louisiana, especially New Orleans and the Baton Rouge area, this means we’ll begin seeing swarming from Late March through July. An Overview of Common Termite Species in the Sunshine State. Did you know termites cause an estimated $5 billion of property damage each year?

Termite Season Never Ends in Florida. These swarmer termites will fly until they find a location suitable for building a nest. Summer is finally here! Because as much as we love living in Louisiana, those termites love it too. How to Fight Back. This species will start its swarming activity in late April to early May, and has now spread to many other locations across the state. Florida’s termite swarming season is once again upon us. Sadly, this also happens to be the termite swarm season. Swarming now through mid June: Drywood termites have a pale-brown head and body, 0.3 inches long including wings.

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