... Sonic Forces Wiki Guide. Personally, he is one of the lamest and most underwhelming sonic villains around, he's definitely a cut above the deadly six, but that's not really hard to beat.

Rabbit -- Has longer invincible time after receiving damage. I completed Sonic Forces, But Infinite fly off from Sonic then head toward the reacter, After beating stage 29, Is he Dead or Alive? Cat -- Keeps one ring after being hit. Sonic forces has been out for a short while, and we all know who infinite is at this point. But he didn't fly off, he was brought there against his will. Here is the list of every animal with there special power: Wolf -- Automatically draws in rings when near them. That is believable since Jackals have been depicted as intelligent, prankster animals in folklore (and even as Gods in ancient Egyptian tombs). just like infinite makes himself/herself sound in the enter Infinite trailer for sonic forces.

The custom character can be one of 7 animal, which one are you going to pick and why? It was true that the mysterious ruby was destroyed when Sonic, the Sonic from the past, and another hedgehog going by the name of Flare, destroyed the Death Egg Robot with a triple boost attack in the last fight, yet somehow a shard survived and it took form of a new Phantom Ruby and Infinite as well. They're even able to adapt to any kind of environment. This is the second encounter you have with Infinite for a boss fight. Nobody knows. Once you can begin moving around, use your wispon attack to start damaging Infinite.

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