The city of West Linn fired a police officer Tuesday due to his involvement in a racist investigation and wrongful arrest of a Black man in Portland in 2017.

Michael Fesser, 48, of Portland, last week settled his lawsuit against the West Linn Police Department for $600,000. WEST LINN, Ore. (AP) — The West Linn Police Chief was placed on administrative leave Wednesday after the City Council voted to hire an outside firm to investigate how the city handled a Portland resident’s wrongful arrest and discrimination allegations against the police.

West Linn police chief put on leave for investigation of city’s handling of wrongful arrest claim, settlement WEST LINN, OR (KPTV) - West Linn Police Chief Terry Kruger has been placed on administrative leave for an investigation into the city’s handling of a tort claim, and subsequent settlement, over allegations of a racially motivated wrongful arrest involving the former chief of police. I went to High School in Lake Oswego in the early 90s and worked in WL for a time and it was very obvious and well known. On numerous times throughout his employment, Plaintiff reported to Timeus and others that he believed that the West Linn Police department suffered from mismanagement, gross waste of funds or abuse of authority, and that he and others were dedicated to fixing these problems and improving the police department.

In 2017, then West Linn Chief Terry Timeus ordered some of his officers to go to Portland and investigate Fesser for theft, ultimately building a false case. WEST LINN, Ore. - An Oregon man has won $1.15 million after his boss had a police chief friend manufacture a criminal case in a bid to halt a potential racial discrimination lawsuit against his towing business. What boggles my mind about this case is how many articles I've read that seem to be trying to talk about this as if it were some sort of outlier and West Linn wasn't some racist haven for a long time. West Linn police arrested Fesser in February 2017 at the behest of the city’s then-Chief Terry Timeus. Terry Kruger became entangled in the scandal soon after The Oregonian/OregonLive revealed in February …

West Linn police arrested Fesser in February 2017 at the behest of the city’s then-Chief Terry Timeus.

West Linn police arrested Fesser in February 2017 at the behest of the city’s then-Chief Terry Timeus. April 9, 2020 GMT.

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