Feeding excessively can cause a whole host of problems for a water dragon. This dragon is very hostile. Some water dragon owners find it easier to feed their pet in a separate enclosure, free of bedding and furniture, this way you can be sure your lizard eats all its insects, the prey cannot hide, and the lizard will not pick up any bedding when grabbing prey and mistakenly ingest it along with the prey. Also known as a Chinese Water Dragon, they reach upwards of 3 feet in length.

Thanks to the exotic pet trade, there are many dragon lookalikes that can be kept as pets. Pets that can learn water spells, but are not water type: While the juveniles are small in size, this species can grow quite large, which makes people wonder about their temperament. When your Chinese water dragon is less than 6 inches (15 cm) long, line the terrarium with reptile carpet. Popular for their triangular head and green color, the Chinese water dragon is one of the best exotic pet lizards to be kept. They're great for putting out friends who are on fire! They make a great pet but they are not exactly for beginners due to their care and handling requirements. We hope that you get the information for which you looking here. SALE! They are arboreal, requiring many leafy plants, and can even change their coloration based on the temperature of their environment. This is very important to a Chinese water dragon as this keeps their bones healthily and prevents metabolic bone disease. Mythical dragons differ from each other; some have wings, horns, spikes, or plated backs. Chinese Water Dragons for Sale.

Many people who attempt to care for a water dragon will find it difficult to find good sources of information, as I did when first starting out. An adult Chinese water dragon should live in a terrarium that’s at least 55 gallons. Plants for Chinese Water Dragons.

Chinese Water Dragon I almost wish I could have a few as pets! They love water and do well with small water features in the habitat. Make sure to grab those dropped waterballs. Active during the day, sleep at night. Keeping a water Dragon as a pet can be fascinating as they are large active colourful lizards. These docile lizards make good pets, and can be quite friendly when handled frequently. Water is vulnerable to two elements (other than Shadow): Plant, and Storm. Shoots waterballs and fireballs. Chinese Water Dragons are healthiest and happiest living alone. Many care booklets say that water … We have several absolutely beautiful Chinese Water Dragons for sale.

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