Turritopsis Nutricula Facts Most notably, the truly astonishing Turritopsis Nutricula remains one of the most astounding species ever discovered by science. The Turritopsis Nutricula is a small jellyfish-like creature found only in Endless Ocean: Blue World. In other words, the immortal jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula can not die due to old age. A Turritopsis nutricula egy olyan hidraállat fajta, amelynek a medúza alakja visszaalakulhat polippá a teljes szexuális differenciálódása után is.

The diminutive creature would go unnoticed if not for its unique ability to regenerate its cells indefinitely. Several different species of the genus Turritopsis were formerly classified as T. nutricula, including the "immortal jellyfish" which is now classified as T. dohrnii. "This little jellyfish has a red organ in the centre of its translucent body.

This tiny jellyfishes amazing ability to virtually live forever is something that the scientific and medical community needs to recognize more. Such a grand statement must be supported by fact, of course.

Further, exhaustive ongoing research so far confirms those facts.

These ultimately spawn free-swimming, genetically identical medusae—the animals we recognize as jellyfish—which grow to adulthood in a matter of weeks. Turritopsis nutricula is not only an extraordinary jellyfish that has almost complete control over its own cells, but could help to cure cancer.

The polyps and jellyfish arise from identical clones. The nutricula was for a long time mistakenly the one referred to as the immortal jellyfish, while the jellyfish used in the lab observations was the turritopsis dohrnii, as they were collected from the Mediterranean, where the dohrnii is found. It belongs to the Phylum Cnidaria. A faj, az egyetlen eddig leírt állat, amely képes visszafejlődni egy szexuálisan éretlen, telepes állapotig, miután már saját kolóniájáról leválva, egyéni stádiumában teljesen kifejlődött. Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the immortal jellyfish, is a species of small, biologically immortal jellyfish found worldwide in temperate to tropic waters.

It is one of the few known cases of animals capable of reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary individual. Jellyfish can exist in polyp form, as medusa, or can alternate between both.

Today, scientists believe that the tinyThe immortal jellyfish is the only terrestrial organism that can independently rejuvenate and regenerate. Turritopsis Nutricula Immortal Jellyfish The Immortal jellyfish is one of the most unique animals not just within the species of jellyfish, but within the entire history of the animal kingdom.

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