The “Perfect” Fake, Nelson Goodman. Reality Remade / The Sound of Pictures / Art and Authenticity / The Theory of Notation / Score, Sketch And Script / Art And The Understanding etc. In the 1920s he enrolled at Harvard University and studied under Clarence Irving Lewis (who later became his Ph.D. supervisor), Alfred North Whitehead , Harry Scheffer, W.E. Artistic Crimes, Denis Dutton.

Goodman’s thought is particularly attractive because of its constructive aspect: there is not a given and immutable world, but both knowledge and reality are constantly built and rebuilt. (D) Denis Dutton, “Artistic Crimes,” p. 19. Photography: History .

But this has problems (see e.g. Nelson Goodman worldmaking .

Reality Remade.

Intentional Visual Interest, Michael Baxandall. The on-going social construction of reality, according to Berger and Luckmann's classic treatise, entails both an explanation of the social order which ascribes "cognitive validity to its objectivated meanings" and a justification of that order which provides "a normative dignity to its practical imperatives." Whereas other theories, such as deconstruction, implicitly entail an undoing of modern precepts, Goodman’s conception of world-making offers a positive, constructive way to understand how a plural reality is made and remade. Reality Remade, Nelson Goodman. (C) Nelson Goodman, “The Perfect Fake,” p. 17. Reality Remade – Nelson Goodman 13. The Intentional Fallacy – W. K. Wimsatt and Monroe C. Beardsley 16. Newer or older or alien systems are accounted artificial or unskilled. Form in Modern Painting, Clive Bell.

Nelson Goodman, "Reality Remade" John Searle, "Las Meninas and the Paradoxes of Pictorial Representation" Joel Snyder, "Las Meninas and the Mirror of the Prince" II. His thesis is highly social constructivist, compatible with new-agey ideas that we can create our own realities, and language and art have immense power in transforming the world around us. Photography and … Please write as much as it takes to give excellent answers. Ernst Gombrich. Allan Sekula, "On the Invention of Photographic Meaning" III. Nelson Goodman. Denotation Naive view of representation: "A represents B iff A appreciably resembles B", or "A represents B to the extent that A resembles B". More so than any other commentator, he has provided a workable notion of the kinds of skills and capacities that are central for anyone who works in the arts. Whereas other theories, such as deconstruction, implicitly entail an undoing of modern precepts, Goodman’s conception of world-making offers a positive, constructive way to understand how a plural reality is made and remade.

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