Spring peepers are small tree frogs. The voices of spring peepers are a true announcement that winter is ending. As its common name suggests, the species has a high-pitched call. May be heard calling in the fall. Common and widespread both in Tennessee and the eastern United States and Canada, the little Spring Peeper-and its call-is familiar and beloved to many. Peepers have a dark, often imperfect, "x" on the back; a plain belly and large toe pads. Their bodies have smooth skin in shades of tan, brown, green, or gray, with lines that form an X-shaped pattern on their backs. Hey Robyn, I decided to make this a separate thread so that people interested in spring peepers can benefit, rather then in the unrelated thread about fish. NJbiology. The spring peeper is a tiny treefrog between 3/4 of an inch to 1.5 inches in length. Breeding season occurs between February and June, depending on when sexual maturity is reached. Sometimes crowded male Spring Peepers may be heard “complaining” in the fall. When the density of frogs is high, the call becomes aggressive – a rising trill resembling the breeding call of the Southern Chorus frog. Specifically, Spring Peepers like to stay close to the ground. Post Nov 22, 2004 #1 2004-11-22T04:34. Spring peeper is a species of frog found in eastern United States and Canada. Have a peak at the spring peeper. They are one of the first frogs to begin calling in spring and most successfully reproduce in fishless wetlands. . The Spring Peeper is one of Vermont’s smallest frogs.Adults are generally 1-1½ inches long. It has a white or cream colored belly and webbed feet with sticky toe pads that it uses to cling to trees and plants. It is usually green, gray, olive, or brown in color. How to Identify: 3/4 - 1 1/4 in. The Division of Wildlife studies and manages fish and wildlife populations and enforces hunting and fishing laws. Spring Peepers are very common in Vermont. They are tan to brown to gray depending on thier surroundings.

Did you Know. Habitat: Wooded areas with temporary or semi-permanent ponds or swamps or marshes. These small, slender frogs can be several overall colors, but seeing an X on the back is a good way to ensure your identification.

The largest peeper on record was a mere 3.7 centimetres long. Spring Peepers are nocturnal predators, eating mostly small invertebrates. Body can withstand partial freezing. Spring Peepers occur throughout large expanses of Canada that are relatively undeveloped, and threats to this species are minimal throughout most of its range.

It has dark markings on its back that usually form an “X”, and small adhesive discs on its toes.Spring Peepers vary in color from light to dark brown. Habitat destruction, particularly the loss of breeding ponds, can result in population declines or local extirpation.

It has an X shaped marking on its back and banded markings on its legs. 348. Spring peeper inhabits woodlands, grasslands, marshes and areas near the ponds. Management. The tiny spring peeper is tan or light brown in colour with a darker X-shaped marking on the back. There are 2 subspecies of spring peeper that can be found in the southeastern parts of Canada and eastern parts of the USA. A woodland habitat is what Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) favor. Status. The Spring Peeper population has been mapped throughout the state, and benefits from Fish & Wildlife Department habitat conservation efforts. It lives in marshy woods and near ponds and swamps throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. NJbiology. ... Spring Peepers will begin to appear in February or March, when the ground has thawed and the cold rains of early spring soften the earth. Spring Peeper Pictures Gallery Description : Small (0.7 to 1.2 inches) and typically brown to gray in color, the Spring Peeper gets its scientific name from the dark "X"-which is often imperfect-that appears on its back. Winter habitat: Terrestrial.

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