The Portuguese Golden Visa program is one of the most popular both in Europe and the world, and for good reasons: You can choose from a range of relatively affordable investment options that will give you both permanent residency and citizenship in 5-6 years. We offer time and money-saving Tips and Tricks for the non lucrative visa for Spanish Residency. Unfortunately the requirements are difficult to understand, the representatives at the Spanish consulates are usually non-responsive, and the process is fraught with frustration. Covers the three main types: residence visa, work and residence visa and student visa. In addition, if you become a Portuguese tax resident (i.e. spending 183 days a year in the country or having a dwelling in Portugal with the intention to hold it as your habitual residence), and you have not been taxed in Portugal, as tax resident, in the previous five years, you may be eligible for the Non-Habitual Resident Status. In both cases, you cannot have been a tax resident in Portugal at least five years prior to your application to become a non-habitual resident. The non-lucrative visa allows a non-EU citizen to live in Spain, but not work locally - this makes it attractive for retirees, vagabonds, and even digital nomads. Whether you already have a business or you would like to create a small business, a startup in Portugal or have any other project, this visa may be for you.

A few posts ago, we explored getting a long term student visa via a language school.

Do I need to pay taxes in Portugal if I have a Golden Visa? There are work visas, self-employment visas, visas for family […] It no longer takes 3 months, as they have gone digital! Getting Legal – The Non-Lucrative Residency Visa. You do not necessarily need to become a Portuguese tax resident if you apply for a Golden Visa. Great news, but be prepared and remember you have 90 days to enter Spain once you pick up your visa. You do not necessarily need to become a Portuguese tax resident if you apply for a Golden Visa. If you don’t need to learn Spanish, there is another straightforward residency visa you can apply for in Spain: The Non-Lucrative Residency Visa. Posted on 01 May 2015 by American expat! This ebook is your step by step guide to obtaining a Spanish non lucrative Visa or retirement visa to Live In Spain. This is an option you may not have considered yet, especially if you a Residents of the EU, E.E.E. There are several types of Portuguese visas, which are focused on different objectives. a Spaniard’s job. Portugal is a party to the Schengen Agreement. Do I need to pay taxes in Portugal if I have a Golden Visa? Note: Information Updated December 2018.

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