Aristotle • The nature of poetry: Poetic inspiration: Theory of Inspiration: – Aristotle agrees with Plato in calling the poet an imitator and creative art, imitation.

The Ion, like the other earlier Platonic Dialogues, is a mixture of jest and earnest, in which no definite result is obtained, but some Socratic or Platonic truths are allowed dimly to appear. Ion is the only dialogue by Plato that exclusively addresses the arts, namely criticism and poetry (which in the Greek context includes drama).Written in about 380 BCE, it takes the form of a short conversation between Socrates, a philosopher and Plato’s real-life mentor, and Ion, a ‘rhapsode’ or professional reciter and critic of poetry. The purpose of this article is to analyze his discussions of rhetoric and poetry as they are presented in four dialogues: the Ion, the Republic, the Gorgias, and the Phaedrus. Neither the theory of poetic inspiration in the Ion nor the theory of poetic imitation in Book X of the Republic is presented by Plato as a valid theory of literature. poetic inspiration in such dialogues as the Ion and the Phaedrus. Plato even uses the idea of magnetic stones to try to help us think about how that force works. According to him, rhapsode does not use his artistic talent but he gets this from the divine inspiration. Rhetoric, The Republic and Sophist examine poetic imitation; the Ion and Phaedrus (with passages in Apology and Meno) develop a theory of artistic inspiration; but Plato does not confront the two descriptions together outside this paragraph. Artistic inspiration originates with the muse, passes through the artist (and maybe though an actor or rhapsode like Ion), and then reaches audience. Plato is (perhaps paradoxically) known for the poetic and rhetorical qualities of his own writings, a … If you are interested in literature and the arts, you will really enjoy. Ion, who has no suspicion of the irony of Socrates, eagerly embraces the alternative of inspiration. Artistic inspiration originates with the muse, passes through the artist (and maybe though an actor or rhapsode like Ion), and then reaches audience. Inspiration (from the Latin inspirare, meaning "to breathe into") is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour. He imitates one of the three objects – things as they were/are, things as they are said/thought to be or things as they ought to be.

Ion is a very short Platonic dialogue between Socrates and a rhapsode by the name of Ion who specializes in reciting the poetry of Homer. Plato presents a theory of inspiration, and a theory … In Plato's Ion & Meno, Socrates questions Ion, an actor who just won a major prize, about his ability to interpret the epic poetry of Homer. . Thus, he emphasizes that poet is a person conveying the sayings of God through inspiration. Accordingly, Plato applies the same strictures to poetry that he places on lan-guage throughout his dialogues. The dialogue explores the nature of poetic and artistic inspiration in a most playful way. Historically, artists have found more support in Plato's theory of inspiration than in his theory of imitation. Inspiration, by contrast, seems to pass on its inner essence: the poet passing his inspiration from God on to the the rhapsode, and the rhapsode doing this for the audience. In the Symposium and in various passages throughout the Republic. Plato describes a poet as an “inspired person” in his Ion. Plato's unyielding refusal to accept anything less than absolute knowledge precludes any admission that beautiful language could lead man to vir-tue.

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