Liquor Control Act: A license holder should request valid identification (NS Driver's License or other valid photo ID) to ensure service or consumption of alcohol is limited to people who are 19 years of age or older. Apply for a liquor license by contacting your state's liquor commission. This is true for private, invitation-only events as well as for public events. A Definitive Guide to Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding From open bars to cash bars, here's what the experts say . Thinking of applying for a special occasion permit? Find tips for applicants, frequently asked questions and more. Importing Alcohol From Outside the Province With this authorization, you can order wine and craft spirits directly from a BC manufacturer. Importing Alcohol From Outside the Province With this authorization, you can order wine and craft spirits directly from a BC manufacturer. Discover more information on restaurant, tavern, and other Commercial Liquor Permits. Our venue has its own liquor license, so they are the ones "selling" the alcohol. You can obtain a license at your local retail liquor store. / Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. Special Event Permits (SEP) are available to event hosts who wish to provide temporary or infrequent liquor service at events such as family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings. I've never heard of a couple having to get a … Church Supply Companies, Homemade Alcohol Competitions Social Occasion Liquor Permits. This policy will be reviewed as the provincial health context changes. If you’re planning to have alcohol served at your wedding, then it is important to consider adding host liquor liability insurance onto your event insurance policy. Get a License. Print. A permit is needed anytime liquor is offered for sale or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or in a private residence. Non-Sale Permit Thinking of holding an event where alcohol is being served, but not sold?

Share. Alcoholic Beverage License Codes. BC Liquor Stores no longer issue SEPs. Host Liquor Liability Insurance | PARTY ALCOHOL LIABILITY INSURANCE. This authorization is through Policy Directive 20-13 (PDF, 44.4 KB). Some states, counties, and municipalities permit most or all restaurants only to have beer-and-wine licenses (see below), or may limit restaurants to such a license for a period of time (such as six months to two years). Facebook; Twitter; Email; Although Virginia ABC has many types of licenses, they fall within three basic categories: banquet, retail and industry licenses. Hey does anyone know what is the process of applying for a 24hr liquor license/alcohol permit.

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