The Lincoln Red cattle is an old meat cattle breed originating from Lincolnshire in eastern England. All of these qualities have made them a very viable alternative to other beef breeds." Beef Suppliers. Lincoln Red cattle were selectively bred from the indigenous draught cattle of the region. Reed’s Lincoln Red was selected after the beef was served in January at the Guild of Food Writers’ 25th anniversary luncheon. Mr. Gordon Cook (a past President) The Lincoln Red is an old breed of beef cattle, originating from Lincolnshire in eastern England.They were selectively bred from the indigenous draught cattle of the region by crossing with the Durham type Shorthorn to produce a dual purpose breed. Our Hand Diced Stewing Steak is a delicious and versatile product which showcases the a fantastic example of the true quality of our Grass-Fed, Lincoln Red Beef. Another popular attribute of the Lincoln Red is their manageability. Lincoln Red cattle are a very dark red in colour that reduces the likelihood of sunburn and cancer. Of importance to me in the 1960"s was that genetically it remained a closed (pure) population, that could be traced back to Nordic invaders, and therefore probably to the Russian steppes. If you wish to be listed here please contact the Office. We're backing BVDFree England! The breed was developed in the early 1800s, which is a time of much breed development and livestock improvement. Lincoln Red Butchers & Bakers. The Lincoln Red is one of the oldest of the UK's Native Breeds of beef cattle and the Lincoln Red Cattle Society is a charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of this magnificent breed. Lincoln Red Beef Let us introduce you to the Lincoln Red, one of the oldest English native beef breeds. One of Britain’s most ancient breeds, the Lincoln Red was probably brought to our shores by Viking invaders as they settled in the North and East of England.

Our Grass Fed Beef Burgers are a delicious and versatile product which provide a fantastic example of the true quality of our Grass-Fed, Lincoln Red Beef range. Little is known about the history of Lincolnshire cattle until 1695 apart from the findings that their genetic base goes back to Bos Urus cattle which were introduced to Britain by Scandinavian invaders between 449 and 660 A.D.

To view our latest Journal click here. Lincoln Red cattle began as a dual purpose breed but are now selected for beef production. Cattle Breeds - Lincoln Red Lincoln Red History Lincoln Red cattle originated in the county of Lincolnshire on the north-east coast of England. This breed is generally placid and calm, sires included. A sturdy, polled animal, well fleshed with a deep rusty red coat and a wide muzzle, it is cattle ideally suited to range conditions in Canada. The Lincoln Red female makes an excellent easy calving maternal cow. Little is known about the history of Lincolnshire cattle before Markham’s book of 1695. It is important to keep the horned ones because, just as with Dexter cattle, the polled trait was introduced through a grade-up program and is not original to the breed. They are now a specialist beef breed. The Lincoln Red Cattle Society was amongst the first to use herd books and introduced the first independently observed beef recording scheme. Only establishments with regular supplies of Lincoln Red Beef should apply. The Lincoln was not a flashy breed of cattle, but they were large, adapted to rugged conditions, easy to handle, and possessed a coat of a pleasing red shade. Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red Beef is reared on the 3,000 acre South Ormsby Estate in the Lincolnshire Wolds and is one of the world’s largest herds of rare ‘original population’ Lincoln Red cattle. Now available for order online, the beef is being distributed across the UK using innovative packaging that is made using 100% British Wool. A wo The breed is slow growing and grass fed which are the qualities that define it’s outstanding flavour, appearance and texture, giving the consumer a beef experience above our competitors. We are based at the Lincolnshire Showgrounds. Why not try Lincoln Red beef at home – you can buy over the counter or mail-order from the butchers or farmers listed below, they’ll give you recipe ideas too.

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