Always work in a well-ventilated room, preferably away from your living space. I scratched the finish of this table when I used a scrubby to get a sticker off. I tried 409 and Orange Glo and they made it worse.

Step 3. Use on wood floors, furniture, bar tops, table tops, even pianos to buff away fine scratches and dullness, returning clear coat finishes to a high shine. Spray onto the wood. Spread an old sheet across the floor to protect it from splatter. Shake carefully. Dusting will restore the furniture appearance and shine. I would wash the table top with Murphy's wood soap which is designed specifically for cleaning wood surfaces. Thanks! Understand what you're working with. Answer + 5. ... You might just have a build up of furniture polish that is dulling the appearance of the table. Place a clean, folded towel over any water marks. (I, as most of you are tired of hearing, am a fan of Method’s line, especially the wood cleaner) and then wipe again with a rag that’s just dampened with water. Let the wood dry completely. Using a funnel, add the ingredients to a spray bottle. How do I restore the luster and shine to my coffee table? How to Restore Shine to Dull Wood Finishes Step 1.

Now to restore a nice shine to the table, you’ll want to wax or oil it. Buff the surface lightly, with the grain of the wood… You might just have a build up of furniture polish that is dulling the appearance of the table. Step 2. Paste wax is the easier of the two options. Instructions Mix one cup of mineral oil and three drops of pure lemon extract. Wood furniture will lose its luster over time if you forget to polish it. Using a microfiber towel, rub the polish into the wood until it shines.

Step 2. How to Restore Wooden Tables/Furniture: Hi in this instructable I will walk you through the processes and steps involved in restoring a piece of furniture that has seen better days. If your wood furniture has lost some of its shine, learn how to make a homemade furniture polish recipe and restore that shine easily with this DIY recipe.

You can see a dull spot toward the upper right corner of the lower table surface in the photos. Perfect as the final step in rubbing out a high gloss finish or for restoring gloss to a high shine wood finish that has been dulled by steel wool. Now, Here's How to Refinish a Table. I would wash the table top with Murphy's wood soap which is designed specifically for cleaning wood surfaces. Rinse the wood with a clean, damp cloth. And if you’ve ever waxed a … How to Bring Shine Back to a Dining Table. Wear a mask, goggles and gloves to protect your skin and lungs from chemicals.

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