You might have baked them too long, or not accounted for the fact that the warmth of the cookie tray/sheet continues to bake the cookies for a time even after removal from the oven. The baking temperature may be too low. How to Fix it: As long as the cookies are not tooth-breakingly hard or raw, you can still enjoy them. Warm cookie dough or excess butter will cause the cookies to spread too much, baking quickly on … Hope you had an awesome weekend! (In the case of cookies that spread no matter how careful you are preparing the dough and/or the baking sheets, I'd probably turn Dough was placed on warm baking sheets Used a low-fat margarine. That being said, it really is very bad for you. 3. Since I enticed you with over 40 gluten free cookie recipes, I figured I should offer some advice on how to correct your gluten free cookie crisis.This post will cover some of the difficulties that are encountered when baking gluten free cookies, and hopefully give you some ideas on how to improve your cookie … Then if your cookie didn’t spread enough, leave the cookie dough to come to room temperature before baking the remaining cookies. Make sure you are spooning and leveling flour instead If your cookies spread it maybe be because there was not enough flour (and even too much butter).

Use Shortening.

If I can’t get a perfect product after that, I move on to my next recipe. Why oh why oh WHY did my beautiful sheet of chocolate chip cookies turn into a big, ugly blob as they baked? Add a little more flour or chill your dough before forming the cookies.

Your butter wasn’t at the right temperature. It will help keep your cookies from spreading as much. *this post contains affiliate links. My gold standard in recipe testing is to make the recipe as-is once, then make any adjustments needed for my kitchen, then make it again with adjustments. If your cookies spread too much when you bake them, it's probably for one of the reasons described here, such as oven temperature or butter use. If it spread too much, you can put it back in the fridge to chill for a bit longer. A cookie that spreads too much during baking comes out too thin, and may turn tough or overly crispy instead of soft. Hi, Crisco is a hydrogenated fat. How to Avoid it: Space cookies about 2 inches apart.

Use shortening instead of butter. If your cookies look like biscuit number 5, then you’re most likely looking at too much butter in your biscuit dough. You should be able to fit a dozen cookies onto a sheet. Perhaps check the length of time for cooking and adjust that to suit your oven or maybe even reduce the heat a little. We’ve all been there. Pans were greased too much. Whatever fat is used in your recipe, butter, vegetable oil or Crisco, add 1 teaspoon of the fat to the dough and gently knead the fat in with your hands. Just like us, cookies need a little breathing room—otherwise, they melt down! The Mistake: When cookies bake together, it’s because they were too close. I don't use Toll House recipe so I can't say for certain how much you will need, but that's a good place to start. While some types of cookies are meant to come out thin, others work better as thick cookies with
When you're preparing your dough, it may LOOK just fine (as the sugar is holding onto the liquid); … (With cakes, there’s no such limit on airiness.)

Whatever you do, don’t use butter substitutes or margarines. Cookies with too much flour If your cookies come out looking more like biscuits, you've likely added too much flour. So to answer, and to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding, I made a few of these little cookies: How to Compensate for Too Much Salt in Cookies ... "You can't really fix a cookie dough that is already salted," she explains.

Cookies are the most common “from-scratch” recipe made by home bakers so, of course, the top question relates to cookie baking: Why are my cookies spreading?

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