Facts About LowLine Angus.

We strive to produce balanced, multi-trait sires that can produce progeny that are profitable across all segments of the industry. One 2.5 year old bull%2C two 4.5 year old cows%2C which are bred for next spring%2C and two 6 month old bulls that could be made steers. Home Discussion Board General Discussion Board; Dexter cross Australian Lowline. It was a big surprise to us, because the cow had been AI'd with a Fert+ mix of beef breeds, none of which was a Australian Lowline. Our Red Lowline Angus cows bred to have the size but still efficient. Angus and Angus cross calves are smaller at birth and so bulls are much in demand for use on heifers and for producing beef from the dairy herd. In August 2011 we decided to establish a Pedigree Red Aberdeen-Angus herd to run alongside our suckler herd.

Latest Posts. Facts About LowLine Angus. Red Aberdeen-Angus. Key Characteristics. The provenance of these original Angus can be traced back 180 years, producing a high quality carcass on grass alone. The Lowline Advantage.

UA-89935245-1 Home Farm Goals Mini History Herd Strategy Purebred Focus Classic - Efficient Bulls Reference Bulls Classic Hereford Cows Red Lowline Angus Show Successes Our Thoughts For Sale Contact Us Looking for Australian Lowline cattle for sale? Tags: Angus, animals, beef, cattle, cows, for sale, grass finished beef, pasture-grown beef. The herd began with private purchases from various notable herds in the UK and overseas. This breed is hearty and docile. Contact us. Mini Hereford Semen For Sale and Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Semen For Sale.

They have very little trouble with calving.

For Sale in Down: 17 Calved Lowline Angus cows and heifers with their Lowline Calves The photo is of one of them - a show winner Ideal heifers for suckler herds requiring low input stock contact Jim Morrison (07903337577) They are grouped between the top part of a class labeled “Miniature Herefords” and the lower class labeled “Classic Herefords”. Bar J Ranch has been in the Angus Business for over 40 years and in the Lowline business for nearly 20 years, so you can depend on us to deliver quality service and genetics. Lowdown on the Lowlines. Please note that for bulls advertised for sale, a minimum price of £2,000 applies in line with Official Society sales requirements. Native Aberdeen Angus.

The Australian LowLine cattle came from a cattle research project conduced by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture located in Trangie, Australia. They are not too big and not too small. Aberdeen Angus Grass Fed Beef. Bulls For Sale; Fullblood Females; Moderator Females; Bulls; Cows. R54 Lowlines is located in the Texas Hill Country town of Comfort. The Australian Lowline Cattle Association website has listings for bulls, embryos, semen and more. This is where all the Topics and Replies are stored, click on the above link to enter! For Sale: 5 Angus, Angus Cross, Dexter, Lowline Cow/Calf Pairs Wessex Lowlines in the field. He is very dark in color, pigmented around both eyes and is extremely gentle. R54 Lowlines.

WC Rhinestone Cowboy. News. She delivered a healthy Miniature Hereford Male Calf (also for sale). Nick Weber of Wessex Lowlines explains the reasons for the success of these well-proportioned beef cattle that are well suited to smallholdings. Skip to content. Native Angus are those cattle which can be continuously traced back to the origin of the breed, with no imported bloodlines, and are marked on the pedigree and in the herd book “Native bred”. Miniature Hereford Semen “Cowboy” WC Rhinestone Cowboy 43943637 is our new heterogeneous Polled Registered Miniature Hereford Bull.

5 Aberdeen Angus heifer 8/10 months old all name sires all out of suckler cows good hardy things and one Aberdeen Angus bullock same age all run …

They are a hardy breed, suited to out wintering.

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