Ferrets during their shed often give off more oils, hence the yellowish tinge to their coat markings. The grey/white stool was the only symptom of the bile duct cancer/ anemia, but because the cancer also spread to her heart/brain, she walked funny. Lymphoma, hair balls and other intestinal foreign bodies (see our Care Sheet "Ferrets - GI Foreign Bodies"), spoiled food, household chemicals, and many other things may also cause diarrhea. Find your topic by first letter. Sables don’t show it as well, as they’ve got a dark overcoat and most people don’t notice this, but they too go golden. Other than that she seemed 100% fine. There is also more dead hair shed. Dull hair coat; Loose stool (poop) Discharge from the eyes or nose; Abnormal breathing; These signs could mean your ferret is sick. After 48 hours, many ferrets seem to recover.

Ferrets can get diarrhea for many reasons, including infections, parasites, chronic illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or lymphoma, and bad reactions to food. Adrenal tumors also cause hair loss and itchy skin in ferrets. An intestinal infection, giardiasis is caused by the protozoan parasite Giardia. Select from our A to Z list to read all about a disease or condition in one comprehensive overview. Even though Diarrhea in Ferrets is relatively common, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition. People with this condition would certainly know they had it, and immediately know what caused their bowel movement to … Skunks are associated with larger pest problems, and can be identified easily by their smell and holes they typically dig around their homes where they search for food. If you have an older ferret, their coats can often look all moth-eaten and thin, and their tails can lose hair from the tip up so that it resembles a rat’s tail. Giardiasis in Ferrets . If he is a short haired breed and the hair he is pooping out is long than its human hair which why the heck would your dog be eating human hair. 0 0 3. Here are some other causes of sudden color change in ferrets: Winter Shedding. It is suggested that they remain in a 'room temperature' area.

i seems to have resolved its self. Many young ferrets and healthy ones will heal rapidly, however, BE ALERT FOR THE NEXT STAGE. How to Treat Diarrhea in Ferrets. so my other ferret Chii has had a few yellow jelly like poops. PetMD Editorial | Jun 06, 2010 | Share this: 2 min read. he is still eating and drinking well and playing but this is not normal for him. Either way my dogs never have this happen. If you brush your ferret’s coat regularly during the shedding period, it’ll cut down on the amount of hair it’ll ingest when grooming itself. Ferrets can get severely dehydrated easily, especially in the heat, always make sure they have plenty of water available. Ferrets arent going to have the same symptoms as hedgehogs, but they hide their illness in similar ways which is why I mentioned it. I have never had any problems with him. If the poop returns to normal and the ferret is once again eating hard food, decrease soft food feeding to 25cc, twice a day. Ferrets have a very low tolerance to heat and cold. Ferrets find temperatures above 85 degrees unbearably hot, and tend to become fairly lethargic. Imagine cat poop with more insects, nuts and hair. Ferrets get the same influenza (flu) viruses that humans do. only part of the poo was jelly like not the entire thing. They are also subject to both benign and malignant tumors, including mast cell tumors. Contamination can occur from direct or indirect contact with the infected cysts, which are shed in another animal's feces. The vet will be able to tell your ferret has suffered hair loss just by looking at him, but he will need to perform further testing to determine the underlying cause of the hair loss. i gave him a lil extra of the ferret vite. Skunk droppings are about 2-4 inches long and 1/3-1/2 inch wide.

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