Smaller flocks can combine during the breeding season to form large flocks containing hundreds of thousands of birds.

Lesser flamingos breed on very low number of breeding sites so any industrial or agriculture activity even somewhere near may dramatically impact the whole population.

It is also one of the largest of the flamingo.

The Andean Flamingo and the Chilean Flamingo are found solely in South America. PROS OF MIGRATION OF GREATER FLAMINGO: Water Bodies: The water bodies where the greater flamingoes migrate become live and the population of other animals in that region is also considerably enhanced. However, Greater Flamingo on several occasions showed preference to offshore area of the lakes. Major threats for lesser flamingo are land-claim, human disturbance, and water pollution from heavy metals and pesticides. In the summer, they live in salt lakes, and migrate to the lower wetlands for the winter. They stand at 1.5 m (5 ft) tall, they have a wingspan between 1.4 and 1.7 m (4.5 - 5.5 ft) and they weigh up to 4 Kgs (8.75 lbs). When feeding the greater flamingo can be seen with its head down or submerged in the water, using its legs to stir up the mud to release the algae and organisms, that are then filtered through the beak. The greater flamingo has no subspecies. Greater flamingos are social animals and usually live in flocks.

The greater flamingo can live up to 40 years in the wild and >60 years in captivity (Johnson & Cézilly 2007). Flamingos are filter feeders, and are therefore found by lakes and lagoons, or watery areas that have the right water depth and mud to sustain the flamingos’ feeding process. They wander around the surrounding area or fly in the sky in search of good spots to rest. Greater Flamingo 30 Common Snipe 6 Wood Sandpiper 1 Green Sandpiper 1 Common Redshank 3 Spur-winged Lapwing c45 Common Kingfisher 1 Western Marsh Harrier 1 m Black-winged Stilt 1 Marsh Sandpiper 1 Laughing Dove 3. The Greater Flamingo is one of the most widespread of all flamingo species. The Greater Flamingoes contribute to the expectant life cycle of the fish in the water bodies and help in increasing their population and life span.

Main Characteristics Greater Flamingos are the largest member of the flamingo family and they are the most widespread.

Photo about Greater Flamingo photogrpahed in Langebaan, South Africa.

Flight and migration takes place at night, and during flight Flamingos have both their legs and necks outstretched. Flamingos inhabit temporary and permanent coastal brackish wetlands and salt lakes all over the world where they feed on aquatic invertebrates and seeds (Johnson & Cézilly 2007; Béchet et al. The greater flamingo was described by Peter Simon Pallas in 1811. Larnaca Salt Lake Greater Flamingo c150 Eurasian Spoonbill 10 Red-rumped Swallow c20.

A flamingo has to take a running start before it flies. Greater Flamingo Behavior Flocks of greater flamingos can sometimes contain 100s of thousands of birds. Yes, Greater flamingos fly about 350 miles per night during migration. It was previously thought to be the same species as the American flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), but because of coloring differences of its head, neck, body, and bill, the two flamingos are now most commonly considered separate species. The cause of this migration from summer to winter is possibly due to the extreme aridity of salt flats during the winter. Seasonal average flock sizes were not similar between the species.

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