Some of these caterpillars may have stripped bodies or have interesting camouflage markings. The caterpillars feed for about four to six weeks, and the adults emerge mid-April to early May. Identifying features. Buck Moth Caterpillar Flannel Moth Caterpillar Hag Caterpillar Io Moth Caterpillar Puss Caterpillar Saddleback Caterpillar Spiny Oak-Slug Caterpillar Tussock Moth Caterpillar Buck Moth Caterpillar Description A large caterpillar, 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″ long when mature. Three well-known caterpillars—tent caterpillar, gypsy moth, and fall webworm—are often misidentified for each other by homeowners that are having problems with swathes of defoliated trees. The oak processionary (Thaumetopoea processionea) is a moth whose caterpillars can be found in oak forests, where they feed on oak leaves, causing significant damage.They travel in nose-to-tail processions (hence their name), often arrow-headed, with a leader followed by rows of several caterpillars … Butterflies and Moths of Florida Showcase listing of Butterflies and Moths found in the state of Florida. By: John L. Foltz , Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida - IFAS. Venomous puss caterpillars have poison control on alert.

Each spring there are reports about tussock moth caterpillars being abundant in northcentral Florida. ), and willows (Salix spp.). They can also have …

In general, a silk moth caterpillar has a large body, which can be around 3 to 4 inches in length; most of these caterpillars have scoli (branched and thickened spines) along their back and sides. Consider contributing an image at the email address showcased at the bottom of this page. Moth insects found in the state of Florida. When fully grown they are … There a few common caterpillars in Florida … Southern flannel moth caterpillars are widespread in the United States and can commonly be found on the East Coast in states stretching from New Jersey to Florida. ), wisteria (Wisteria spp. A Truly Helpful Caterpillar Identification Chart. They live on trees and shrubs and descend to the ground during late summer and spin cocoons among the debris, which can be used to make silk fabric, thus, they are called silkworms. If you see multiple caterpillars as well as chewed leaves or greenish fecal pellets, you may have a caterpillar problem. The University of Florida (UF), together with Florida A&M University (FAMU), administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
It is the second part of their four-stage life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult). Tussock Moth Caterpillars in Northcentral Florida . When it rolls up to defend itself, striking red bands appear between sharp black spikes that cover the caterpillar. There are several species of caterpillars all around you. The Lo Moth is a colorful North American moth in the Saturniidae family.

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