Dronning Maud Land vart annektert av Noreg 14. januar 1939. Probed a bit deeper and it seems that 'Dronning' is Norwegian for Queen. So now people can also search for 'Queen Maud Land'- it is the name of the Antarctic region claimed by Norway. The air link to Dronning Maud Land is provided by ALCI between Cape Town and Novo runway, 10 km (6 miles) away from Schirmacher Oasis.

og omfatter et område på omkring 2.700.000 km² mellem Coats Land i vest og Enderby Land i øst.

Dronning Maud Land utgjer ein sjettedel av Antarktiskontinentet, og det er nesten sju gonger større enn Noreg. This study focusses on the Grenville-age Maud Belt in Dronning Maud Land (DML), East Antarctica, which was located at the margin of the Proto-Kalahari Craton during the assembly of Rodinia.

* Written-By – Dronning Maud Land

ドロンニング・モード・ランド (ノルウェー語: Dronning Maud Land )は、南極にある地域の名称。 英語名でクイーン・モード・ランド( Queen Maud Land )とも記される。 東経44度38分から西経20度にかけての範囲で、ノルウェーによって領有が主張されている。.
Flights operate between November and March and frequency of flights varies from once a week to once a month. [1

The ice shelves of western Dronning Maud Land are currently in balance with an inland ice volume that has the potential to raise global sea level by nearly 1 m. Ice shelves lose most of their mass from their bases when warm water intrudes from the surrounding ocean. Producer – Dronning Maud Land, Kristaps Grasis Recorded By – Mani Z. 'Queen Maud Land' is then subdivided into five smaller regions based upon degree of longitude. och 45° ø.l. Det omfattar området mellom 20 °V og 45 °A.

Explore releases from Dronning Maud Land at Discogs. Det er et øde plateau, dækket af en ca 2,5 km tyk ismasse. Området grenser mot britisk sektor i vest og mot australsk sektor i aust. Antarctica is currently accessible only during summers by air and sea. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Dronning Maud Land at the Discogs Marketplace. Dronning Maud Land er et område i Antarktis opkaldt efter den norske dronning Maud (1869-1938).. Området er en del af Antarktis mellem 20° v.l. Dronning Maud Land (svenska: 'Drottning Mauds land') är ett så kallat norskt biland och den landsektor av Antarktis som Norge ensidigt gjort anspråk på sedan 1939.Ett tidigare ej ianspråktaget område söder om 1939 års gränsdragning, ner till sydpolen, blev officiellt annekterat 12 juni 2015.

Yes, she's gone, how could she stay Knowing just where I stand Dronning Maud Land I loved her Nothing could hold her from leaving Nothing could save me from grieving here Head in the sand Of Dronning Maud Land Is a place where everything's free Cider and whiskey, the penguins and me And the cold blue sun Smiling on down You did the right thing That's why you're alone I loved her …

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