It is a simple pre-programmed response by the human body in response to the muscle being passively stretched e.g. Test deep tendon reflexes. Brisk reflexes refer to an above-average response during a reflex test. Perform strength testing and examine for distal intrinsic extremity muscle atrophy, since weakness of …
Deep Tendon (muscle stretch) Reflexes Evaluates afferent nerves, synaptic connections within the spinal cord, motor nerves, and descending motor pathways. Deep tendon reflexes are actually muscle stretch reflexes mediated through neuromuscular spindles. A reflex is defined as an involuntary, unlearned, repeatable, automatic reaction to a specific stimulus which does not require input from the brain. The stretch reflex is also referred to as the deep tendon reflex or myotatic reflex. If the reflex is brisk, the contraction is strong and the amplitude of the movement is large. Lower motor neuron lesions (eg, affecting the anterior horn cell, spinal root, or peripheral nerve) depress reflexes; upper motor neuron lesions (ie, non–basal ganglia disorders anywhere above the anterior horn cell) increase reflexes.

Although these reflexes are often called deep tendon reflexes, this name is a misnomer because tendons have little to do with the response, other than being responsible for mechanically transmitting the sudden stretch from the reflex hammer to the muscle spindle. Deep tendon reflexes are responses to muscle stretch. It is test of the integrity of the afferent and efferent pathways, and of the excitability of anterior horn […] The reflex is caused by sudden muscle stretch, brought about by percussion of its tendon. This article will focus on the “deep tendon reflexes” which are more appropriately named — and will be referred to herein — as muscle stretch reflexes (MSR). Deep tendon reflexes demonstrate the homeo‐stasis between the cerebral cortex and the spinal cord. The deep tendon reflexes (and the abdominal reflexes) are important physical signs which have a special place in neurological diagnosis, particularly in early disease when they alone may be abnormal. A common example is the standard patellar reflex or knee-jerk response.Deep tendon reflex also usually refers to this sense. The limbs should be in a relaxed and symmetric position, since these factors can influence reflex amplitude. Deep Tendon Reflexes Most people have experienced their physician tapping their knees with a rubber hammer. Introduction to the Reflex Exam Reflexes are useful for the general internist to perform, but you can’t evaluate them if … Lower motor neuron lesions (eg affecting the anterior horn cell, spinal root or peripheral nerve) depress reflexes: upper motor neuron lesions increase the reflexes. If the examiner places one hand over the muscle, and with the other hand taps the patellar tendon just below the patella, she can palpate the contraction as well as observe the rapidity and range of … The stretch reflex (myotatic reflex) is a muscle contraction in response to stretching within the muscle. A spinal reflex is a fast response that involves an afferent signal into the spinal cord and an efferent signal out to the muscle. During a reflex test, your doctor tests your deep tendon reflexes with a reflex hammer to measure your response. They act as “hard” signs in situations where clinical assessment is complicated by patient anxiety, and become more useful as clinical experience develops. Responses to mental status testing and motor examination, performance on sensory testing, and even gait can be consciously altered by the patient for any of a variety of reasons. Tendon reflex.A stretch reflex, when the stretch is created by a blow upon a muscle tendon.This is the usual definition of the term. Charles D. Donohoe, in Pain Management, 2007. In essence, it is a process that causes a contraction, thereby stopping a stretch. Deep tendon (muscle stretch) reflex testing evaluates afferent nerves, synaptic connections within the spinal cord, motor nerves, and descending motor pathways. According to Neuroexam, deep tendon reflexes are tested using a reflex hammer to stretch the muscle and tendon.

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