Gunvolt 3 is supposedly the end of our azure striker. From the Azure Striker Gunvolt OST, full credit goes to INTI CREATES CO.

. Eventually, she was rescued by Gunvolt. Everyone knows and fears the Azure Striker, but it is the Eternal Squall that causes even more fear in the hearts of both humans and Adepts. Gender: Female Age: 13. “Jo” was Joule’s nickname at the school. —Lumen, Azure Striker Gunvolt Lumen , known in Japan as Morpho ( モルフォ Morufois ), is the one of the supporting protagonists in Azure Striker Gunvolt . Tier: Likely 9-C | Unknown. Joule Joule (ASG2) Joule (ALT ASG2) Early Joule Concept Joule Concept with GV Joule Concepts in ASG2 Concept art of grimoires, featuring a twisted version of Joule from the shards and Joule herself Concepts More concepts Portrait from Azure Striker Gunvolt Gunvolt Story One - The Azure Striker and the Eternal Squall Fanfiction. Is that you. Two Psychics from another world the 'Azure striker' and 'the Muse' fall into academy city, how will they deal with this new world so similar and yet different to their own? . Lumen is based off of what she pictures herself … Initially pesented as a virtual pop star, she is in fact a manifestasion of The Muse created by Joule , used by the Sumeragi Group to locate and hunt Adepts Story “Jo, there’s something I’d like to talk about with you...” Joule’s friend Hatano called out to her during the middle school’s break time. Acting for Two: Megu Sakuragawa voices Lumen, Joule, and Mytyl. She was used by Sumeragi for her Septima, The Muse, which allowed her to empower and locate Adepts. This event takes place some point in the six month interval following Joule's rescue from Sumeragi and her kidnapping by Sumeragi at the end of Azure Striker Gunvolt. . Meaning he probably works for them now, meaning once they're done with gunvolt, they take his septima and kill him. Our hero is a 14 year old boy whose real name is unknown, but he goes by the codename "Gunvolt." ... Gunvolt: . Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt) Joule (Azure Striker Gunvolt) The Team (Young Justice) The Outsiders (Young Justice) There will be minor depictions of violence in later chapters; Okay seriously how has this crossover not happened yet until now; I'm not a DC veteran so please forgive me for any mistakes I might make; Summary I may be wrong about this seeing as the game was just announced yesterday. For Azure Striker Gunvolt on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Joule Conversations, the OTP" - Page 6. He is an adept with control over electricity. . Gunvolt, the Azure Striker, is an adept and the main protagonist of his self-titled video games Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Today, we are going to introduce the two Muses of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Joule and a brand new character, Lola! Name: Joule Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 The two-part prologue: Gunvolt storms the Seraph to save it, while Copen takes to the skyscrapers in order to find a way inside. Joule was the first Synthetic Adept created by Sumeragi. .

Joule: Yes . But there's something more terrifying than either of them. His Seiyuu is Kaito Ishikawa. . She at least reincarnates with her powers and then merges with GV to save him, but he's still grieving over the whole thing, and the fact that Joule doesn't physically exist anymore. ; Bad Export for You: The original release of Azure Striker Gunvolt axed the vast majority of the script (including in-stage dialogue and most Joule Chats), turned the remaining story into an Excuse Plot, and added some "original" flair like fake not-fake "swearing" and fictional gender-neutral pronouns for Zonda. Azure Striker Gunvolt Asimov shooting Gunvolt and then Joule. Powers and Stats.

It ends with GV (amplified by Joule's power) flying to the outside of the ship and forcing it out of the way and saving everyone in Sumeragi HQ (and perhaps a hundred more). In the art of gunvolt 3 we see the sumeragi logo on the back of gunvolts clothing. As you can see, there are a ton of new characters that will make their debut in this game, but there are some familiar faces too! . - Page 5. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 announced!"

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