One of the first animal facts you learn in grade school is that whales and dolphins are mammals and actually more closely related to you than to the fish they resemble. Author information: (1)Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research, UOS Milan, National Research Council and Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Rozzano, Milan, Italy. What are Genetic Mutations? 8 Bizarre Animal Mutations Caught on Camera. Chernobyl Animals Mutations from Radiation. The white deer are leucistic, which means their hair has no pigment but their eyes are as brown as any other deer. Wildlife Journal / Chester Moore Jr. 1. This unique calf was born on a family farm in Florida in 2015. Changes in the genetic makeup are mostly naturally-occurring. They can't even breathe underwater -- they have lungs just like us. While color mutations such as albinism are a far more mild sampling of this realm, sometimes nature can produce some truly bizarre genetic mutations. Domestic animal mutations were most common in cattle and pigs. The Seneca white deer don’t form their own distinct species. "Like very small needles in a very large haystack," Awadalla said, … Historically, humans and animals suffering from genetic mutations used to be labeled monsters or freaks. Many children suffering from radiation could not show a mutation, but the genetic code with degeneration was transferred to their offspring, and 30 years after the tragedy, other “Chernobyl children” were born. Are there blue or green skinned humans out there? Sometimes these animals are born with color mutations that make them difficult to identify. This adorable rottweiler has a condition called vitiligo. Color Mutations: Albinism. Top 10 Most BIZARRE Animal Genetic Mutations! This issue was difficult to fix among many children since medication was difficult to get and because of the cost factor when it was available. These tigers feature different color variants due to genetic conditions. Animals can be born with a mutation that changes their colors (e.g. Stumpy’s tale even involves a love story with a happy ending, making him the perfect animal to finish up today’s list. Sometimes, when nature throws in a little something extra, animals are born with unexpected color mutations. From HIV resistance to a super-sleeper mutation, here are 7 of the strangest genetic mutations that give people “superpowers.” 1. When some of Chernobyl animals were able to reproduce offspring, unfortunately, they were born with mutations and various birth defects. Bang ML(1). 8. Sometimes a fairly common genetic mutation can make an animal almost unrecognizable. Genetic mutations in animals... check them out if you dare. From tigers born without any stripes to dolphins that are a shocking shade of pink, animals with fascinating appearances pop up in the wild. Here, we share some of the most shocking mutations observed in animals: Two-headed cow. Yes, they do. blue lobsters). While it's rare, those animals can survive to adulthood and pass along their unique coloration. While animals born this way usually don't live long due to a number of problems like cleft palates and pneumonia that are associated with the mutation, Franky and Louie seemed to have avoided the side-effects and have lived a … by Samantha Hartery. They’re a variant of the brown-coated white tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus. Scientists are still trying to figure out why this is happening. Most animals with albinism appear white, but genetic differences from land animals … Historically, humans and animals suffering from genetic mutations used to be labeled monsters or freaks. Does the same apply to humans?

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