melanosoma and doadrioi are inahbiting at least the big pool and the channel. Ameca splendens care guide. Lots of light is necessary for growing algae. Sadly I don’t appear to have kept a complete record of when and where I obtained them. We obtained six Ameca spelndens from the 2007 ALA Convention. Breeding Ameca splendens. Ameca splendens Rio Teuchitlan, JAL, Mexico Common Name- The Butterfly Goodeid Water Conditions- Not Critical.

A dark is soil appreciated. . In the middle you should leave much free swimming space. The species occurs there with the same species found in El Rincón spring, additionally Xenotoca cf. The aquarium should be heavily planted on the sides and background. Butterfly Goodeids (Ameca Splendens), also known as Butterfly Splitfins are a bony fish that were once found throughout the Ameca River drainage, but are currently listed as extinct in the wild. Recently thought to be possibly
Ameca splendens – Butterfly Goodeid. Ameca splendens prefers the spring and the clear part of the bigger pond, only few specimens could be seen in the channel and the S part of the bigger pond. Breeding. My card index system only refers to the fact that one pair of Ameca splendens along with one pair of Xenotaca eiseni had been purchased. We were lucky to get ours from Pat Hartman which were labeled "Ameca splendens M66-17 Rio Teuchitlan, Mexixo, Descendants of the original collections by Dr. Robert Rush Miller, 1966". Ameca splendens - Back to A. splendens Page ... Breeding- 5-15 Young every 60 Days. Not Fry Eaters. Ameca splendens – Butterfly Goodeid is a peaceful fish that does well in all types of community aquaria.

Temp 70- 76 Degrees, Plants, Vegetable in Diet Behavior- Well Behaved with One Another. The butterfly splitfin or butterfly goodeid, Ameca splendens, is a bony fish from the monotypic genus Ameca of the splitfin family ().It was formerly found throughout the Ameca River drainage in Mexico; the type locality is Rio Teuchitlán in the vicinity of Teuchitlán, Jalisco.The species was only ever found in an area about 10 miles (15 km) in diameter. Size- 3.0 inches . Females do not do well when moved to spawn. This designation could be outdated though, as there have been reports of a remnant populations being discovered in of all things, a Mexican waterpark. . Once sold in pet stores, this is one of the hardiest and easy to keep goodeids. My first experiences with Ameca splendens was around the mid 1980’s. To think that these fish have been kept as a pure line for for close to fifty years .

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