Sonic CD Stardust Speedway.

Doesn't really fit in with the high-speed pace of the rest of the act, so it makes sense that it was never put anywhere. Site created and maintained by ibm2431.


Comedy and tragedy mask constellations meant to be seen in the skies of Stardust Speedway Act 1. Graphics for a Marble Garden-esque spiked crusher.

Background HQ. Sonic CD. View general notes for Stardust Speedway (3) The psychedelic city set at night is largely a mass of shining lights across its vast background, with more isolated stars spread across the top, while the city below is represented by a dotted blue mass, with white and pink lights flashing away across it. Cedur Toad Posts: 6094 Joined: Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:14 pm. Collection list . edit: looking specifically for the sonic cd past/sonic mania act 1 background. Credits: Chemical Plant 2, Stardust Speedway 1&2, Lava Reef 2, Metallic Madness 1&2 and Titanic Monarch 1 were originally done by u/TheRealAnonyma, cropped, resized and edited as needed.
For all your background needs - Backgrounds - Nintendo Super Nintendo Genesis Gameboy Advanced Playstation - Related - Background Library Textures - Information - About Contact Credits.

All Products LED-Strips WIFI Enabled Accessories FAQ. StadustLEDs is a LED retailer dedicated to providing people with stunning lighting for their rooms. Our mission is to lead the frontier of premium LEDs and provide people with beautiful and vivid lighting. We’ve just run across a major work on the subject, a big new 400-page book called Stardust International Raceway—Motorsports Meets the Mob in Vegas, 1965-1971 by Randall Cannon and Michael Gerry (McFarland and Company, $49.95). All images copyright Sega. Re: Animated Stardust speedway backgrounds .

Nadav Blooper Posts: 180 Joined: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:09 pm. Palmtree Panic; Collision Chaos; Tidal Tempest; Quartz Quadrant; Wacky Workbench; Stardust Speedway; Metallic Madness; Palmtree Panic; Collision Chaos; Tidal Tempest; Quartz Quadrant; … Stardust Speedway Zone. Everything else was pieced together with sprites ripped by Random Talking Bush and edited as needed. Post by Nadav » Tue May 05, 2020 11:28 am . Re: Animated Stardust speedway … About StardustLEDs. … We welcome anyone to shop with us and transform their room with lights sure to impress. I think there is at mario miracle. All backgrounds ripped by ibm2431. Backgrounds are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Randall Cannon is a former motocross racer and a lifelong motorsports enthusiast.

For all your background needs - Backgrounds - Nintendo Super Nintendo Genesis Gameboy Advanced Playstation - Related - Background Library Textures - Information - About Contact Credits. Check out my episodes: Top.

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