English Slangs, Definition and Examples English Slangs There are all kinds of slang words used in everyday English conversations (Here are Examples of Daily Conversation in English For Speaking). Queen (slang) Language; Watch; Edit (Redirected from Potato Queen) The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. 4)Really really really flamboyant, (and possibly irritating,) man. The term can either be pejorative, or celebrated as a type of self-identification. If you have heard or seen this slang phrase used and were left wondering about its meaning, then your search ends here. b. The actual definition of the word can be used to describe something witty, racy, coarse, and humorous—and so folks use salty in relation to bitter behavior. Pageant queen synonyms, Pageant queen pronunciation, Pageant queen translation, English dictionary definition of Pageant queen. A female sovereign. In gay slang, queen is a term used to refer to flamboyant or effeminate gay men. used among gay males for someone who is controlling, uncompromising Stop being such a queen! 2)A band, (see any of the several definitions surrounding this one). ... leading to the obsolescence of the latter term outside of a few regions. Slang Search: London Slang Liverpool Slang Jewish Slang Yorkshire Slang Street Slang Gay Slang …
Queen definition is - the wife or widow of a king. 6 of 40. Last edited on May 11 2003. How to use queen in a sentence. You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page, or create a new article, as appropriate. If someone is acting salty towards you, they are likely upset.

Send it in and we'll credit you for ever. The wife or widow of a king. Queen (slang), a slang term for a flamboyant or effeminate gay man; Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North (QUEEN), a climate research project in the Arctic; Queen Fine Foods; Queen, a bed size; Sabrina Frederick-Traub, Australian rules footballer nicknamed "Queen" See also. 3)When a woman sits on a man's face. b. A woman considered preeminent in a particular field: the reigning queen of hip-hop. Submitted by James W. from Waterloo, ON, Canada on May 11 … n. 1. a woman or a thing personified as a woman considered the best or most important of her kind a beauty queen; the queen of ocean liners slang an effeminate male homosexual the only fertile female in a colony of social insects, such as bees, ants, and termites… Know any British slang that's not in the dictionary? 1)A female, (usually older,) that is of or married into a royal line and given political control of a country and/or the right to use a funny wave; the better half of a king. The slang term “yas queen” is a relatively new form of slang even though both terms have existed separately for quite some time. Fake 0 times. Define queen. English slang words are pretty much.

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