Some Puffer Fish live best in freshwater, others live best in brackish water, and some can live in both freshwater and brackish water. Click here for a list of Puffers which includes information about the water each prefers.

A l it tle tip to avoid competition of food, get some ramshorn snails or pond snails and allow them to reproduce quite a lot, this should create a population of snails that's sustainable for the puffers main diet. Giant puffer fish - Tetraodon mbu. With the fish getting so big, most aquarists struggle to keep one healthy. Mbu Puffer (Tetraodon mbu) Origin: Lake Tanganyika Diet: Carnivore, feeding on mollusks, worms, and frozen foods Adult Size: 24″+ Recommended Tank Size: 300+ gallons Compatibility: Aggressive, should be kept alone Preferred Water Parameters pH: 7.0 – 8.0 Family: Tetraodontidae. I have been talking to Clare, our resident mbu expert, she has a full grown mbu called Hamish so she knows her stuff.

shipping when you spend $99 or more. The Mbu Puffer is the largest of the freshwater puffers.

Adults need huge quarters (minimum 8ft in length) with a good width to allow for their large turning circle. Scientific name: Tetraodon mbu. I know you can play as malaka or whatever its name is "puffer" in multiplayer only, which is just a balloon with spikes and it's quite dissapointing.

By consuming hard shelled prey, the giant puffer is able to prevent tooth overgrowth.

Dwarf Puffer Fish – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Dwarf Puffer Fish. Feeding your Tetraodon mbu This fish gets its name from the word tetraodonidae which can be translated as a four toothed beak, this comprises of two upper teeth and two lower teeth, these are constantly growing so need to be kept in check so supplying foods that aid …

Murphy Camera. FAQs about Tetraodon mbu Puffers Identification. I have also recently bought a mbu puffer (just over a month ago), my fifth puffer, put my first mbu. Above: In this picture is a nice premium quality Mbu Freshwater Giant Puffer , swimming in one of our aquariums when one of our crew members took this picture .

Getting 22+ inches in a home aquarium.

Premium Puffers like these are more hardy and more colorful than Puffers from other sources. Click here to see more pictures of Mbu Puffers. Puffer may be also fed with live fish, however the possibility is very high that the fish may be infected this way and get ill. Comments: These are Puffers that you rarely see in live fish stores. While my largest one has only gotten to 22 inches, I suspect they’ll grow to as …

This fish must only be taken on if adult requirements can be met. Pea Puffer Diet and Feeding.
The exquisitely marked Mbu Puffer is a true giant among freshwater puffers. Reply. Above: In this picture is a nice premium quality Mbu Freshwater Giant Puffer , swimming in one of our aquariums when one of our crew members took this picture .

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