Xeno Crisis Kickstarter 362% Funded!

That is quite a feat considering the state of global supply chains. Order Xeno Crisis for the Sega Dreamcast on a high quality pressed CD, complete with colour instruction booklet and presented in a shrink wrapped NTSC-J style jewel case. Xeno crisis. Xeno Crisis Dreamcast ROM.

Run and gun your way through thousands of enemies spread over 6 areas as … 8. Anyone have a link by chance? At its core, it's an arena shooter that takes inspiration from the likes of Smash TV, Contra, Mercs, Granada, Alien Syndrome, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Chaos Engine, and Shock Troopers. It is also available on Steam.
Xeno Crisis Dreamcast ROM. Thanks in advance. 90% Upvoted. The game received major critical acclaim for its state-of-art graphics by Henk Nieborg and Catherine Menabde, rocking soundtrack by Savage Regime and intense action by the rest, Mike and Matt at Bitmap Bureau. share. As with their Xeno Crisis release for the Genesis, a ROM download option is … Posted by 1 day ago. Xeno Crisis Dreamcast ROM. Xeno Crisis - de la Megadrive à la Dreamcast, en passant par Steam et la Switch ! A top-down arcade shooter for Sega Megadrive taking inspiration from classics like Smash TV & Contra | Check out 'Xeno Crisis for Sega Genesis, Dreamcast and Switch' on Indiegogo.

Close. For the uninitiated, Xeno Crisis was a funded on Kickstarter back in 2018 and the Dreamcast version was added as a stretch goal alongside the standard Mega Drive, Switch, PS4 and Xbox releases; with a NEO-Geo port also on the way. Request. En agitant des carottes de plus en plus appétissantes, Bitmap Bureau a su dépasser et multiplier par deux l'objectif de financement de son jeu. Looking for the DC version of Xeno Crisis which I believe is in CDI format. Request. Close.

Gorgeous, beautiful pixels abound; limited colour palettes are used superbly, perfectly recreating the feel of an early 90's shooter. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. save hide report. Posted by 17 days ago. 8. 6 comments. Exclusive to Kickstarter; receive a Kickstarter Edition version of Xeno Crisis for Sega Dreamcast on a high quality pressed CD presented in an NTSC-J style jewel case. Collections, questions, finds, pictures, games, Homebrew, videos, anything DC related. Xeno Crisis is a new, original title for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Sega Dreamcast and Neo Geo which will be released on a physical cartridge/CD. Thanks in advance. Xeno Crisis Kickstarter 362% Funded! 6 comments. Dreamcast Xeno Crisis Released. Request. Bitmap Bureau today made the surprise announcement that the Sega Dreamcast release of Xeno Crisis complete, and they have already shipped out all pre-orders. Xeno Crisis for Sega Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Switch and Steam. Xeno Crisis Dreamcast ROM.

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