The body parts from the dead mites are so small they can become airborne and inhaled. The red pigmentation in their bodies can stain surfaces that they are resting on when they are squished or wiped away. What dangers, if any, do clover mites pose? Life Cycle & REPRODUCTION. Clover Mites: These are plant-infesting mites that can infest the home, but they do not bite. Clover mites belong to the arachnid family and therefore have eight legs. If you come home one day to thousands of clover mites active in any of the above areas, don’t be surprised. The clover mites are born from unfertilized eggs and are therefore known as parthenogenetic. Spider mites use their piercing mouth-parts to bite into plant tissue. Clover Mites (Bryobia spp.) They are mainly nuisance pests that invade homes in unbelievable numbers, especially in the spring.

For accurate spider mite identification, you’ll need a 10x hand lens. Potential Dangers and Problems Clover Mites Cause . They don’t live more than a month, and the adult clover mites are found outside for only two weeks or so. Thankfully, clover mites don’t bite humans or pets, and don’t pose a health risk. They won’t bite us and are not known to spread diseases. MODE OF TRANSMISSION: Clover mites do not fly. The clover mite overwinters in any dry protected location primarily in the egg stage. Dust Mites : These mites are often associated with allergies. When the damage caused by spider mites is so severe, you’ll probably see numerous of tiny white or brown dots under leaves. ABILITY TO INFEST PEOPLE AND HOMES: Clover mites do not bite people or animals or cause structural damage. Clover mites go through 4 life stages – eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. This can be a problem, especially if they have invaded in large numbers and if your home has light-colored curtains, carpets, walls, furniture, and other belongings. This dark reddish brown pest, which is smaller than a pinhead, does not pose a threat to human health or cause major damage to homes, but it can be a severe nuisance when it invades structures.
Clover Mites Flourish in Early Spring What You Need to Know About Clover Mites. If smashed when they crawl over carpets and drapery, the mites leave a red stain. Their front pair of legs protrude from their heads and are much longer than the other legs. The Illinois Department of Health claims that most mites do not make any contact with humans, but mites that do come into contact with human skin can cause mild to severe reactions. Clover mites feed on, as their name suggests, clover, grass, and other plants. Clover mites will readily take advantage of this food supply. You could identify spider mites if leaves become bleached, discolored, or yellow. Clover mites also can infest homes through cracks, around windows and under doors. The full-grown clover mite is slightly smaller than a pin head and has a bright reddish to reddish-brown body. Clover Mite Treatment; Clover Mites and Clover Mite Control Identifying Clover Mites. Another interesting fact about clover mites is that they have a population that comprises only of females. Clover mites can become a nuisance in multi-story buildings since they can live on rooftops and patios where mold or mildew provide sources of food. Despite its name, there’s nothing lucky about finding a clover mite. While clover mites may not sting or bite or transmit diseases, they are still not good to have inside homes. They typically appear in large numbers. Fence rows, railroad ties and plants which are contacting or in close proximity of the home will all attract and provide both food and shelter. Clover mites are …

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