The custom takes place after the Resurrection (on Easter Saturday midnight). This is when the traditional Easter bread, tsoureki, is baked and eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ.

Dyed Greek Easter Eggs recipe Eli K. Giannopoulos Updated on April 27, 2020 in Boiled , Mainland Greece , Our hand picked recipes , Traditional Greek Easter recipes Dying the Easter eggs is the brightest symbol of Greek Easter and making these vibrant and colourful Greek Easter eggs every year on Holy Thursday, always makes me realise that it’s Easter time.

They are perhaps the brightest symbol of the Easter season in Greece. by Gregory Pappas April 6, 2018. written by Gregory Pappas April 6, 2018. Cracking the Easter eggs symbolises Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. (The deep red eggs remind us of the blood of Christ.) It is a game that involves two players and two eggs which the players choose from a basket of red eggs. In Greek, the red eggs are called kokkina avga (κόκκινα αυγά, pronounced KOH-kee-nah ahv-GHAH). Why Greeks Crack Eggs on Easter.

Greek Cooking Greek Easter April 5, 2018 November 24, 2019 In Greek Orthodox tradition, we do Easter Eggs a little differently.

From ancient times, the red eggs have been a symbol of the renewal of life, carrying the message of the victory over death. They represent the blood of Christ (the red color) and rebirth (the egg).

The first Easter that I celebrated with my husband's family was wonderful.

Greek Easter Eggs symbolism in color and cracking tradition VIDEOS April 13, 2017 Lifestyle , Society Comments Off on Greek Easter Eggs symbolism in color and cracking tradition VIDEOS 8,772 Views The egg has a high symbolic meaning in the Greek Orthodox tradition, with different explanations. Easter preparations begin on Holy (or Great) Thursday. Dyed a deep red rather than the pastels of spring, the custom of the Easter egg originated amongst the early Christians of Mesopotamia.

The red color represents the blood of Jesus Christ, whose resurrection is celebrated on the holiday of holidays throughout the Greek world. According to age-old Greek tradition, Easter eggs are dyed red. After Easter dinner, a tray of red-dyed hard-boiled eggs was placed on the table. Everyone chose one egg and then paired up two-by-two. One player holds his egg and the other player taps with the under end of his egg, the upper end of the other player’s egg.

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