Automobile Registration covid-19 updates All auto registrations, including temporary and expired, were extended by the State of Maine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What you Need to Register Your Vehicle. The ME DMV restricts car registration renewal as a penaltyfor driving without liability car insurance. Frequently Asked Questions Are there times I won’t be allowed to renew registration? For more information: How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Maine. Auto renewals can be processed online.

Renew in Person. Welcome to the Boat Registration Renewal Online Service . Run a free Maine VIN check and search over 400 thousand cars registered in the state of Maine: Following your transaction, you will receive a temporary registration form to print for immediate use. Contact your local BMV office to change your address on your driver’s license or vehicle registration. Excise Tax & Vehicle Registration What Is Excise Tax? However, if you fail to renew within this period, you must renew in person at your local Maine DMV municipal office.

Yes, there are instances when drivers may not be allowed to renew car registration. Excise tax is an annual local town tax paid at the Town Hall where the the vehicle resides for over six (6) months of the year. Your official registration and stickers will arrive at the shipping address specified within 30 days.

Odometer Information – MVT-32 | Download Add the odometer mileage of your vehicle on this form when transferring ownership of a vehicle in Maine. Maine Change of Address Forms.

However, that extension will officially end on August 11, 2020 at which time any expired registrations will become delinquent. This service allows you to renew your driver's license or Maine ID card or purchase a replacement driver's license or ID card at any time, day or night. Free Maine VIN Check According to the Portland Press Herald, small SUVs, full-sized pickups, and compact SUVs are the most popular vehicle types in Maine.

This means the City has authorization from the State of Maine to process re-registrations and new registrations on most passenger type vehicles and commercial vehicles registered for gross weight less than 6,000 pounds. You must always come to Town Hall first to pay your excise tax.


The City of Westbrook is an agent for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you allow your vehicle registration to expire, you can still renew online up to 7 months after the expiration date. This online service allows you to register your Boat (vessel) with the State of Maine. Maine Buying & Selling Forms. Except for a few statutory exemptions, all vehicles registered in the State of Maine are subject to excise tax. launches online duplicate vehicle registration orders Now Offers Online Duplicate Vehicle Registration Service August 03, 2010 05:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Submit payment for your registration renewal fee (see “Maine Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees" below).

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