( On Parle Le Francais) Reservations in progress.

Their coat is weather resistant. Sinova Malinois. The Belgian Malinois was originally bred in the city of Mechelen, known as Malines in French, in Flanders, Belgium as a strong working dog with breeding standards that are meant to survive the rough Belgian climate and the difficult working conditions herding sheep in cold weather. While our focus is on the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd breeds, we do occasionally get German Shepherds and mixes. Belgian Shepherd puppies Canada. The name Sinova is derived from a combination of the names of Stephanie's first Malinois (Nova) and first ACD (Simba).

The Malinois Ranch Rescue is a nationwide breed-specific specialized rescue based in McKenzie, TN.

The Perfect Companion For Life With A New Puppy . Through them she saw what she wanted and didn't want in future dogs of each breed. MRR rescues a wide variety of dogs, from retired senior to active family pet to future working partner. Pets & Animals Dogs & Puppies Belgian Malinois CKC Registered Pure blood Malinois puppies for sale Belgian Malinois puppies for sale. Belgian Malinois are somewhat prone to ocular disease so this is also worth evaluating.

An interesting fact about their coat is that they have black tipping which means that there is a black tip on each strand of hair.

Trusted companions and fearless protectors.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1998 and incorporated in 2016. Belgian Malinois breeder of working line puppies.Trained Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale. The Belgian Malinois Dog has a double coat that consists of a short straight hard outer coat and a softer dense undercoat. The OFA’s overview on ophthalmic evaluation is a …

How Can I Get a Belgian Malinois in Canada?

Pets & Animals Dogs & Puppies Belgian Malinois CKC Registered Pure blood Malinois puppies for sale Belgian Malinois puppies for sale. Belgian Shepherd Breeders Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, MB, SK, NS, NB, PEI, NFLD, Malinois puppies Canada While these conditions do not develop until later in life, early screening can identify potential problems. Sinova is a kennel dedicated to breeding working Belgian Malinois. ( On Parle Le Francais) Reservations in progress. Everywhere Canada Ontario 1 London Categories Filter. Everywhere Canada 1 Ontario Categories Filter. We accept a growing number of Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds, as well as …

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