Read and learn for free about the following article: A brief history of mass extinctions. What thrived: Sea sponges did well in the aftermath of the End-Ordovician — a pattern repeated in subsequent mass extinctions. Of all mass extinctions recorded in the fossil record, which had the largest impact in terms of the percentage of species lost. Credit: Brian Freiermuth/Univ.

The mass extinction of one or more species may be the final consequence. Image credit: NASA. At this time in the history of Earth, life was in its early stages. According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York's American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70% believed that the Earth is currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction, known as the Holocene extinction.

When dozens of species disappear from the environment, however, biologists say the impact is felt across the entire world.

Biology Unit 7 Discussion Mass Extinction Ordovician period - occurred 444 Discussion. The first known major mass extinction event occurred during the Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era on the Geologic Time Scale. The ongoing sixth mass extinction may be the most serious environmental threat to the persistence of civilization, because it is irreversible. The first known major mass extinction event occurred during the Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era on the Geologic Time Scale. It is well known that the North American, and to some degree Eurasian, megafauna, or large animals, disappeared toward the end of the last glaciation period.The extinction appears to have happened in a relatively restricted time period of 10,000–12,000 years ago. The K–Pg episode has long been considered an unequivocal mass extinction given the massive losses in the taxonomic richness that swept entire clades . After warning that Earth was entering a sixth mass extinction event in 2015, a new study says that crisis is speeding up and may take hundreds of… Read and learn for free about the following article: A brief history of mass extinctions. I guess if one had a mass extinction so devastating it manages to outdo even the P-T Extinction in its death toll then that might take out all the fish, as well as a whole lot of other things. B.A., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cornell University; Heather Scoville is a former medical researcher and current high school science teacher who writes science curriculum for online science courses. Mass extinction is an event in which a considerable portion of the world’s biodiversity is lost. O K-T (Cretaceous extinction) "6th mass extinction" Ordovician extinction O Permian extinction QUESTION 41 Which of the following characteristics of a population would be the least likely to help it survive a cataclysmic event? Tampering with the environment can have long range consequences, both for the organisms, as well as the plants. 4. In biology, extinction is the dying out or extermination of a species.

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