Values drive everything we do

Values — knowing them, acting from them, being in alignment with them — is a core part of creative leadership and collaborative creativity. Values form the foundation for the work we do with you, your team and your staff. It’s important to us that we practice what we preach.

Below you’ll find our values — all of them — exactly as we communicate them to each other. These are living values, too. We review them regularly, we update them when needed, and, most importantly, we use them to bring us back to center.

We have four categories of values:

  • Core Values
    All of our work, everything we do stands on our Core Values. They form the foundation on which we stand and, when we lose our way, we come back to these as to ground us again.
  • Functional Values
    Functional Values guide how we work together in a coordinated way.
  • Relational Values
    Relational Values guide our attitude towards relationships with ourselves and others.
  • Embodied Values
    Embodied Values are the spirit of how we do business. When people think of us, we hope they think of these values.

Core Values


Radical Humans take responsibility for our actions, whether positive or negative. We acknowledge our contributions to both successes and failures but don’t exaggerate that contribution in either direction. We recognize that ultimately, we are responsible for our own success, for our own happiness, for our own choices. If we need help we ask. If we need something different, we ask for it. We behave intentionally, with integrity, in everything we do.


Working with teams and companies requires an honest optimism. We believe in a better future and that all situations are workable. We hold the innate creative ability in all people, even when the team or individuals can’t see it for themselves. We are a beacon of hope for ourselves, for our clients, for our world.

Rigorous Honesty

We courageously practice rigorous honesty. We address challenges when they arise. We share our concerns with each other respectfully but clearly. We listen to the concerns of others, too. We know that without absolute honesty, we cannot have trust, and so we strive to be honest with ourselves and honest with each other in everything we do or say.


We believe that creativity is a birth-right and a fundamental part of being human. We seek to bring that out in every person we meet, including ourselves and others. We have our own creative practices in addition to our work at Radically Human because that gives our lives meaning. When we practice our own creativity, we are better able to help others find theirs.

Functional Values

Functional Values guide how we work together in a coordinated way.

Whole Human First

Radically Human is made of human beings with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. We always place humans first. We make sure bodies are taken care of with nutritious food, we work reasonable hours, we take breaks. We allow people to design the way they need to work for themselves, which includes flexible hours, telecommuting, job sharing, etc.

Well-Managed Systems

We create dependable, well-managed systems to ensure that our business runs smoothly and efficiently. Well-managed systems allow us to play and be creative because they give us a solid foundation. We don’t reinvent the wheel. When we notice something that can be systematized, we take the initiative to create, test, and document the system. That said, no system is sacred. If it isn’t working, we change it.

Intentional Collaboration

When we work together, we work together. There are times when we need to be in the office with each other, face-to-face, in order to most effectively collaborate. We are always clear with each other about when that needs to be. When we collaborate, we are disciplined. We set clear intentions, goals, and decision-making processes from the outset. We specify roles and design alliances, just as we would do with our clients.

Sometimes bottom up, sometimes top down

We believe in a balance between self-organizing grass roots team, and strong directional leadership. As collaboration specialists, we know the benefits of each model and apply them to a situation thoughtfully and transparently. When an initiative will be lead strongly by one individual, we make it clear and we give that individual decision-making authority but also buck-stops-here accountability. When a group wants to organize around an initiative, they may do so at any time, but they must determine their decision-making and accountability protocol, too. When someone is given decision-making authority, we support them just as they will support us when we have decision-making authority.

Lean Into Failure

Failure teaches us many lessons. Without risk, we make no creative progress. We take responsibility for mistakes — not as self-blame — but because we took a risk, tried something new, did our best and were not successful this time. We don’t hide from mistakes but instead own up to them, and actively learn from them through solution-oriented Retrospectives.

Relational Values

Relational Values guide our attitude towards relationships with ourselves and others.

Everyone is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

When we interact with others, we start from the place that this person is capable of creativity, has internal resources and resourcefulness, and they are complete. We are not trying to fix anyone. We allow each person, whether our colleagues or each other, the space to become the person they are meant to be. We do not try to make them someone else.

Sensitivity & Warmth

We carry people through discomfort with sensitivity and warmth. We pay attention to all messages, both verbal and non-verbal, and respond appropriately. We err on the side of friendliness in all things.


Our ears, eyes, and minds are always open. We strive to take in things that challenge us and add them to our collection of ideas. We don’t discriminate on any basis — we value difference and diversity because we know that this is the source of creativity. We answer “Yes and…” rather than “No because.”

Responsive & Responsible

We anticipate the needs of our clients, our partners and our colleagues. We seek out ways to fulfill their needs before they even know they have them. We respond to requests in a timely manner (within 24-48 hours). We do what we say we’ll do.


While we serve our customers and each other, we also know that sometimes service comes in an unpopular package. The customer is not always right — if what they were doing worked for them, they would not come to work with us. They look to us to hold up a mirror for them and also to show them a way into the future. This type of leadership takes courage. We will deliver our message respectfully but with honesty. We respect the bravery it takes to say the thing no one else will say.


We operate from integrity always. We act in alignment with our values on a daily basis and refrain from any deceptive marketing or sales practices. We keep the needs of our customers first and foremost in our minds and never act in solely our own interests. We are a business but we only engage in honest business practices.

Embodied Values

Embodied Values are the spirit of how we do business. When people think of us, we hope they think of these values.

Irreverence, Humor and a Touch of Chaos

A large part of our role in companies is to bring a fresh set of ideas and thinking to a stuck situation. We embrace irreverence and humor as a way to help ease people into new ideas. We also embrace chaos and some messiness, because we know the creativity exists right at the edge of chaos, when the unexpected is allowed to unfold.

Deep, Serious Thought

Behind all of our work is serious thought and research. We rely on the academic community’s findings to support our hands-on work. Where research does not exist, we commission studies to fill gaps. We cite other’s work and recognize that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We know that we exist in an ecosystem and are never arrogant enough to think that we invented anything alone.

Serious Fun

There are many companies out there that do what we do, but most offer this material in a dry, “professional” manner. We don’t think leadership has to be dull. We think leadership can be fun, and we make sure we introduce play, fun, and adventure into all of our offerings. When our clients think of us, they think of serious fun.

Challenging & Innovative

We challenge ourselves every day to strive to do ground-breaking work with our clients. If we get into a rut, we take steps to get out of it as quickly as possible. We recognize the difference between productive systems and timid routine. We lead ourselves on an exciting journey every day. Competent risks are rewarded. Competent failures are learned from. We value diversity of culture, experience, and alternate points of view.


While we have fun and design engaging experiences, we also focus on getting people the results they want to achieve. We design practical tools that can be used right away and give our clients frameworks that can help them break through barriers to their own and their company’s success. We measure early and often, always looking for ways to demonstrate the efficacy of our work and its impact on our clients.