About Us

Radically Human exists to support creators.

Years ago, while collaborating with Jesse James Garrett on a tricky strategy project, JJG turned to Sarah and said (paraphrased):

“When are we going to stop burning out our best and brightest User Experience (UX) people? How can we keep sending them in to tackle wicked problems, one after another, only to have the organizations who so desperately need them chew them up and spit them out?”

JJG’s words hit Sarah right between the eyes. Instead of designing products to improve the human experience, she needed to improve the experience of designing products for creative teams and leaders everywhere. And so, Radically Human was born.

At Radically Human, we are on a mission to unlock — and focus — the leadership available to every member of the UX Team. With our experience leading product, design, and UX teams, we know exactly what takes to for UXers to be successful in corporate environments.

Radically Human was founded in 2011 by Sarah B. Nelson, former Principal of UX at Hot Studio, Designer Strategist at Adaptive Path, and UX Director at POP! With this background in human-centered design comes a strong ethos — technology should serve the human beings that use it first.

Radically Human goes one step further.

We believe a product’s user experience is a direct reflection of an organization’s health. We believe the human beings developing the technology have needs, too, and when those needs — for meaning, purpose, esteem, connection, etc. — are met, the entire ecosystem thrives.

As a learning company, Radically Human teaches creative-specific collaboration, leadership, and innovation skills. We combine the best of design thinking, participatory design, co-active coaching, lean, and relationship systems intelligence, to deliver engaging coaching, training, and facilitation programs for multi-disciplinary creative teams.